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Skynetic popwing 900mm build and review.

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  • Skynetic popwing 900mm build and review.

    Hello guys,

    Just a short review on the popwing and some tips on building it. I first joined the 2 wing half's together then let it sit for 24 hours. I then cut in the slots for the wing spar rods. Mine had the servo cutouts on the bottom of the wing and that is wrong. Factory is going to correct this on the next batch. I simply cut it through to the top and installed them properly. Make sure you turn the servo around so the arm is closes to the control surface so the rods will reach the servo horn. The next thing I discovered is the battery strap works better to hold the battery in if you cut slots in the foam and run it around the wing (see photo) this keeps it tight against the wood battery tray. When I checked the verticals one leaned in a bit, so I used a belt sander to make sure it matched the other one for angle and that is was straight. All in all a cool model with some needed know how in building skills. We are working to make sure the next run will be even better and easier to assemble. The instructions will be updated as well to match the current model. Check out my photos with notes and you should be fine with the build. I have also made some suggestions for improving the model as well. Setup is easy with the radio gear no surprises there. It looks great sitting on the couch or in the air. Flies nicely as expected. Stable, even in wind. Glides in to land. Fun model for some relaxing time on the sticks.

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