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Salto Ecotop setup

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  • Salto Ecotop setup

    I’m almost done putting my new v tail glider together. Now i can’t for the love of good get the motor to run. It’s in port 1 next to the bind port on my spektrum AR636B like i use on my other planes. I have a DX9.
    Having trouble connecting the right ports in my AR636B receiver. Where do i put aileron rudder and elevator when using V tail and two alierons? Aircraft type in my DX9 is it going to be normal or one or two alierons or something else? I really need some advice if someone could post a graphic showing what goes in where. Think i recall in normal plane setup on a TX is 1 for motor 2 alierons 3 rudder 4 elevator or opposite? I know how to reverse channels on my dx9 but maybe some aux channel has to change?

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    Spektrum 636 is always: port 1-throttle, 2-AIL, 3-ELE, 4-RUD, 5-gear, 6-AUX1 (flap). Did your 636B come out of another plane? Did you update it and wipe it clean? If it came out of a different plane, it is likely locked for the plane it came out of.
    If it's and empty, clean receiver, then you must choose in the TX, normal wing/V-tail. Once you've done that, go to your "monitor" and look at what moves when you work the rudder and elevator. Those are the ports you would then plug each of the V's into. You may have to swap them around and/or do reversing till they work right. If I recall correctly, it'll be the RUD for one and ELE for the other but those won't show up in the monitor until you select the correct wing/tail type.


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      Well it came out of another plane and i am trying to set up in SMB and Spektrum programmer. I had an issue with the 2.30 firmware on the 636B that didn’t had the v tail choice and downgrated to 1.43. Now i can choose v tail in the aircraft type in Spektrum programmer. But should i understand it that the v tail option is configured on my dx9 and not in the rx? I’ll try your option normal wing v tail on the tx and use the monitor i hadn’t thought of that;) Thank’s


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        Unless you are using any of the AS3X features of the 636, then wing/tail type is done in the TX. Otherwise, then it must be done in the RX. Using a 636 out of another plane can be tricky.


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          I wan’t to have the gyro option from the AR636B on my Salto and have it on a switch, AS3X on and off. Same with SAFE on a switch.


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            Not looking at the replies from others...

            The 636 is backwards programing and difficult to set up. You may have to do the following in the receiver and not the transmitter.

            If in the transmitter... Let me ask first aircraft type ACRO or GLIDER. If ACRO then it should be thro/ ail/ ele/ rud/ gear/ flap. If you set wing and tail type to V tail the ele and rud are the V tail and you may need to swap the servos to those ports to get proper direction. Some radios have V tail type A and B to do this in the radio. You can use the flap output port 6 and set up dual ailerons to help get flaperons or spoilerons.

            Using the 636 put a wrench in all of this.

            When all else fails the manual is a good place to go.


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              Good point. I could just throw another new plain regular rx in the glider but really want the AS3X stabilizer from the AR636. V tail option A and B i have on my dx9. Acro or glider what to go for? There are no info in the manual about radio setup. One guy from rcgroups did sent me a modified srm file for V tail setup so i’ll get back with the results. Thank’s for your input:)


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                Sorry, I meant the radio's manual. As far as setting it up Acro or Sailplane there is different set ups in the radio and it does change the order of the channels for the receiver. My rule of thumb is if it's a motor glider I stick to the Acro version if not I go sailplane. A lot of that is to have nine mode, launch, cruise, land, etc...


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                  Ah, okay radio manual. Think i’ll try the acro setup first. Thank’s