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Radian AS3X Gain Settings

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  • Radian AS3X Gain Settings

    I need some help programming a AR637T for my Radian. I don’t know what the AS3X and Safe gain setting should be for a stock Radian. Anyone with a newer Radian with the AR631, could you look at the main display for the AS3X Setting and Safe Limits pages and let me know what it says.

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    You do know that you can simply go to the Spektrum site and download the receiver file for your receiver, right? You can start by going to the Night Radian webpage at Horizon Hobby:

    Then go to Manuals and Support and click on "Spektrum Smart Receiver Preset Download". That should get you here:
    This will also tell you how to do it.

    From here, you can go to the preset model files (.srm), one of which is the Radian (Night Radian will be the same as the Radian):


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      Thanks, Did not know there were preset model files available.