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Freewing 90mm F-22 Raptor - Official Thread

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  • Well, a friend of mine actually did just that, sell a bunch of Spektrum receivers, and bought a bunch of Frsky receivers, and had money left. Spent the money on telemetry sensors.
    Apparently, it is possible.


    • You don't have to switch all at once...


      • I didn't want to get into a OS vs other radio discussion but all the people that say "it's so powerful" and " I can program my plane in 5 minutes" are full of crap. If you have a quad were you basically have to program one switch yeah but try even a simple 4ch trainer with dual rates and expo on individual switches and getting directions and throws right and they are sitting there for a while. Add a mix? I've seen guys at my field hunched over a radio for an afternoon having an issue and still not getting it done. To be fair sometimes they get it quick but more often than not they don't. And this is the OS experts at the field (they started a user group in the club to teach each other...

        I have bought a couple OP radios (to teach myself to help others) and while I don't find it intuitive and need to relearn to a point every time I try to program it, I find it okay at best.

        I'm at 104 planes/ quads/ helos right now, swapping out would be crazy for my but to be honest there are more and more multi protocol radios.


        • I never said anything about being able to program in 5 min. :(

          Setting up one of my models to the degree that I mix them (and set telemetry and all) usually takes an entire afternoon.
          That said I am quite meticulous with setup and go pretty slow about it, but that's not a transmitter issue, it's me going over all the control deflections measuring stuff, etc.

          The point remains. OTx and similar environments DON'T LIMIT your ability to program whatever you want.
          If people don't care about investing the time it takes in learning how to program, then that's on them.

          But that pretty much goes for any transmitter, OTx or otherwise.

          Moral of the story: Regardless of what you use, always learn your Tx properly, don't suck! :)


          • I agree Jandro. I was not talking about you and 5 minutes. I, myself, take normally hours to build set up and program a new plane I hear others do in minutes but then hear them say theirs doesn't fly as well or has issues, like set crews loosening. I also agree OS does not limit anything, it's just another way.


            • I was at the field today and 99% of the guys fly Spektrum except for a couple of old timers fly old futaba 72mhz, yea the ones where you pull the antenna out with the flag on the end, yep they still work! Anyways I’m pretty sure I’m going to stick with Spektrum either a XN10 or iX12 .. I have to admit I got with a guy at the field and we worked on setting up telemetry features and I really like having that information available to me. On the other hand I have all the voices notifications disabled, I find it distracting, only notifications I use is flight timer. I find it more useful to go back after my flight and review the telemetry data!

              did I mention that I love flying the F22! easily the best flying plane in my fleet!! I have the 6s and I’m more then happy with it! Anyone out there have a F22 ARF for sale? I’d like to get another one to tinker with.


              • This reminds me of that threshold i came to a decade and a half or more ago when Microshaft wanted $10K for their new server software when they 'retired' NT2.0. Or i could go with RedHat (Linux) software which was basically free and did the same thing...
                I went with the Linux option on the software for the business (still using it), but for RC, I'm sticking with Spektrum. It's pricey, but to me it's worth it... Everybody at the 4 fields i go to pretty much all and only have Spektrum other than a few guys that still have frequency flags on their pull-out antennas...


                • Anyone have any recommendation for a separate receiver battery to use ( brand, volt, mah) if I wanted to go that route?



                  • Maidened my F-22 last month. Awesome flying plane. Initial flights were off paved runway then subsequent flights off grass. Performs perfectly on either.


                    • Yeah the F-22 has got to be one of the most docile scale 90mm FW jets I've ever flown. Just a pure joy. No bad habits, unless she has a penchant for light poles (ask me how I know).

                      My YouTube RC videos:


                      • I never wanted to start any kind of fight about radios and brands; when Steven asked for input on the subject, I wanted to point out that there are plenty of options to consider, especially when you don't have unlimited budget.
                        When I got back to the hobby some 10 years ago, I still had my Multiplex 3030 radio from the nineties, which I first upgraded to 2,4 GHz. It was limited in model memories, but apart from that it was a really wonderful radio. After a while, I started looking for a replacement, and found out that their new radio, the "Profi" series was not only eternally delayed and postponed, but also very expensive. As my club was also a "Spektrum-oriented" club at the time, they kind of pushed me in that direction too, but when I tried one of their radios, I really honestly didn't like it. It is after all a very personal thing, a matter of taste and preference, but I couldn't live with the pre-defined mixers and channel assignments, as I was used to free mixers and channels.
                        After some searching, I came upon OTX and a Taranis, and I was delighted. It could do everything that I wanted, and more, for a price that was so low that I almost didn't trust it. It had no built-in limitations in terms of channels or mixers, a PC application to program, backup and even simulate the radio, and it had telemetry (which I an engineer I hate guesswork, especially while flying).
                        Over the years, I upgraded to an X10S (I broke the antenna of the Taranis) and now to an X20S, and meanwhile more and more club members have moved away from Spektrum, to a point where now there's only a minority of them. Some members (a small minority) uses the high-end expensive brands line Jeti and Powerbox, a couple still use Futaba, and a growing group uses Frsky.
                        As I said, it is mostly personal taste and preference. And then there's cost. A while ago, I even had a look at Jeti equipment. It is very nice equipment, very solid, high-quality, but when I looked at the total cost of moving to that brand, I couldn't justify that hefty difference in price by whatever added value that it could bring to my hobby. I already have everything that I could wish for, and this for a very interesting price tag. A Jeti receiver would cost me 3 to 4 times more than a Frsky one. In terms of features, there isn't much difference to be found between the two.
                        So, in short, choose whatever you feel happy and comfortable with, and you'll enjoy the RC hobby as much as I do. Because that is the whole point of it. As a famous rock band once said "Nothing else matters" 🙂


                        • Originally posted by Lateral-G View Post
                          Maidened my F-22 last month. Awesome flying plane. Initial flights were off paved runway then subsequent flights off grass. Performs perfectly on either.
                          Congrats on the maiden; you'll enjoy the F22, I'm sure.
                          Grass ops are no problem with this model, she'll be airborne in a very short distance (needs a little help for that), and it lands on a post stamp (once you get the trick)


                          • Originally posted by HangarQueen View Post
                            Because that is the whole point of it. As a famous rock band once said "Nothing else matters" 🙂

                            " Open mind for a different vieeeeew,
                            And nothing else matters​...

                            Never cared for what they doooo...
                            Never cared for what they knooooow, wooo!
                            But I knooooow!! ♪♫​ "

                            So folks, go ahead and fly with whatever you please. We won't care but we'll KNOW!