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Official Freewing Twin 80mm F-14D Tomcat Thread

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  • Originally posted by Kurtzz View Post
    Houston (xviper) we have power. Yes, the lead with the extra wire is the BEC lead. I recruited my Secretary of Finance (wife) that can become the Secretary of War real fast, to lend a hand. I lowered the trim setting as suggested whilst she hit the bind button and I plugged both batteries in at the same time, worked like a charm until I powered it down and reinstalled the ply battery tray. Went to fire it up again and beep, beep beep real fast again, no power to the motors, control surfaces worked fine. Sooooo, powered it down, plugged both batteries in at the same time, work like a charm, repeatedly. My A10 is not as particular on plugging the batteries in at the same time, go figure. You mentioned calibration, is that possible without any additional hardware or cards? Thanks xviper!!
    Good you got it figured out. The throttle calibration is something that should be done right after binding with any and all electric planes. To do this, it is necessary to plug both batteries in at the same time, so help is needed here as well.
    To do T. Calibration ................................. TX on. Throttle stick to full throttle, throttle cut NOT activated, plug in both batteries at exactly the same time. Listen for the first beep tones, then immediately lower the throttle stick to the bottom. You should then get the usual start up tones and the cell count beeps. You're now done and you don't ever need to do this again until you change RX and/or TX. This is how the ESCs know what zero throttle is and what 100% throttle is and for a multi, this is how the motors sync to each other and run the same. For planes that you've never done this, even though the ESC/motor seems to run and even though your TX monitor tells you that the throttle goes from 0 - 100%, the ESC doesn't actually know this. As an example, your ESC may actually be going from -5% to 90%. This does not optimize your throttle reaction.


    • I didn’t get it figured out, I had help! Wow, I guess I’ve just been lucky on all my electrics, have never done this, not even on my A10, but I will now. I have noticed on my 59” AJ Slick when I switched it over to my DX9 the motor does not activate until 1/4 throttle or so, found out almost too late, brought the power back setting up for a landing, decent head wind, then wings started rocking, I was low, short, and wagging. I knew if I could get the nose pointed up my next move was firewall the throttle. The day was saved, thanks again xviper. Now going to set throws by the book and get a maiden in the next few days or so.


      • On your Slick, a throttle calibration will resolve that right away. On multis, if you've ever done a fly by and heard a kind of harmonic resonance sort of sound, that means the motors are not in sync. They are running at slightly different rpm at any given throttle position. Calibrate and you should never hear it after that.


        • Ive been meaning to join this thread for awhile now. I have finally come around to it. here is my FPV F14 tomcat. It is still a work in progress however when completed she will have the ability to expend freefall ordinance and will be out fit with a dual suite for both the pilot and the RIO. my plan is to have the RIO along in the backseat so I can take up my friends and or to have them do some of the work with things like the wing sweep, bombs and gear deployment so I can focus on flying the plane. The display is the non flickering version of RC gauges G1000 air data display. mine displays airspeed, altitude, attitude and distance away from the home point so I can ensure I don't fly out of range. I did have to adjust my Air-unit camera lens to get the display to focus but now the lens shows crystal clear instrumentation.
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          • Good luck with the project - it's already a very heavy plane so try to keep additional weight to a minimum.


            • Amazing setup, latebloomer! I have the Motionsic BAG FPV setup as well, but in my Viper 90mm. As kallend mentioned, weight can be an issue, but as long as you can make CG you'll never have a problem as long as you're aware of the minor changes in flight characteristics. But judging by the experience required to even have your setup, we're just preaching to the choir.

              One thing I would like to recommend, If you haven't done so already, is upgrade your motors. I put two FMS 3665-2000kv 80mm motors in my F-14 and I can literally accelerate straight up after takeoff when clean. The cans are just a smidge bigger than the freewing motors, so I put a sander on my dremel and shaved out a bit of foam for a snug fit. Trust me, you won't regret it.


              • latebloomer98 great mod and nicely done as well. Like seeing unique modifications. Best, LB
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