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Official Freewing 64mm EDF F-22 Raptor Thread

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    Thanks! There was no guide for the ESC. I had to calibrate through the INAV GUI. Before it started at 25%, now at it should do.
    Here my build story. If anyone needs some of the 3D printed parts, just PM me.

    My plan was to use my 4s 3700mAh. No way, it needs 190gm on the tail to CG. Will the 2500 mAh gives some more benefit in flight time as the 2200? I mean, it is noticable?


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      I guess it's noticeable enough that I keep using my 2500s in the F22. Before and/or after I burn through my 2200s. In terms of flight time, the difference is measurable but marginal.


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        How many of you have done any custom painting to make it more visible in the sky? I'm still reluctant to fly mine, because I'm just not sure how well I'll be able to see it and keep track of orientation. I'm considering doing some not-so-prototype painting on it before I actually maiden it.