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Official Freewing 90mm F-4 Phantom II Thread

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    So anyway ..I'm thinking about converting the tail hook into a ploughshare .................

    This is normal after a football game! The underside of the plane needs power washing but would that be good for the electrics...........anybody ???
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    • Totaled............... pure pilot error too far out and lost the plot. Thought I had it recovered at least three times heading towards me but it would not gather speed, just mushed into a another direction, finally went below tree height so I cut the motor. Fortunately it crashed into a field beside the paddock of a friends house. Naturally I suffered at his "jokes" about my piloting skills. So.... get the parts and repair it, or, and more likely. give the new one an airing.


      • Ouch…Locharrow. Sorry to hear that.

        Just depends…You will weigh the cost of parts against a totally new bird. And, are you able to devote the time involved? Sometimes I repair and sometimes not. If it is an old airframe (lots of hours), I more strongly consider treating myself to a NIB bird. However, if it is a relatively new bird and not too costly for parts, I will repair it.

        Let us know what you decide.

        One additional thing to consider…I rarely reuse receivers that have been in a crash. Just my thing. Unless I know the impact was not to hard, I will put in a new receiver. A lesson I learned a long time ago and have always followed. Receivers are too inexpensive to risk flying a potentially damaged receiver.



        • Originally posted by locharrow View Post
          :Totaled...pure pilot error...:
          LA. Pilot error or not, I feel your pain. Knowing your skills, I figure you'll check ride the new Phantom and rebuild the crash victim. Best as always, LB

          Captain: Got any ideas?
          F/O: Actually not.
          — Captain Chesley B 'Sully' Sullenberger III and F/O Jeff Skiles—


          • The victim need a new fuselage, cockpit and nose cone ...the wings and tail feathers are all good so we will see how much my three kids love me coming up to Christmas. If they repay the amount they have "borrowed" over the years I'll be able to by a new full size Cessna!


            • Originally posted by locharrow View Post
              see how much my three kids love me coming up to Christmas. If they repay the amount they have "borrowed" over the years I'll be able to by a new full size Cessna!
              Don't Hold your Breath. If my kids paid me back I'd be cruising the Caribbean in a yacht (large enough to have a 200 foot grass runway on top so I can fly whenever I want-maybe just one of the new Ford Class Carriers), with enough servants to address my every whim.
              Hugh "Wildman" Wiedman
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              • Black Friday may have some deals so


                • Got a great deal on my parts for the F4 so I'll have to get cracking and posh up the rest of the bits to match the new stuff...never ends !!