2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Olive Drab

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Official Freewing 70mm Yak-130 Thread

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  • After some time with a new one of these, I am very happy with it. It took some time but got the aircraft to handle nicely for me. Took a lot out of the throws. Very fun aircraft.


    • Have my friend Terry fly it and he'll have it off first landing!

      Seems they put little glue on them, a gentle pry and pull should get it off.

      Originally posted by Shadow View Post
      I just bought one of these used... a little damage on the nose cone so I was going to replace it. Whatbis the best way to remove the glue so a new nose cone can be fit properly? Same goes for the vertical stabilizer, a few nicks there so I may replace.


      • Has anyone tried to fit the updated FMS Yak 130 v2 landing gear on the FW Yak 130? I trashed the wings and fuselage on the FMS and was considering the replacing it with the FW Yak instead. The landing gear is in decent shape so I might keep them if it will fit in the FW

        *Update* I was able to find an answer. The retract motors have different mount patterns. Sounds like the best option is to cut down the stock gear and use it as the pin for the FMS retracts.

        I am not sure which version of the plane is faster in the stock setup but I know prefer MotionRC over HH. I have a couple of other projects to work on at the moment. Will provide updates at some point this year if I order a new airframe.


        • When I throttle down my engine stops abruptly instead of a smoother stop.' How can I get the motor to slow to a stop?

          Update. I looked online and found the instructions for that esc. Followed the instructions and its good. No more brake. Turned it off.