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Official Freewing JAS 39 Gripen 80mm EDF Jet

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  • Originally posted by Airguardian View Post
    I do not like rings. Whatever you get, better be centerburner-style, looks so much better IMO.
    Agree, rings look exactly what they are, a ring of led lights, not scale looking at all


    • Originally posted by hirth90 View Post
      Unfortunately due to Covid 19 regular post is unavailable and the only option offered is a courier service for $28 which seems disproportionate for an item costing $38.
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      By the way there appears to be a lot more LEDs on the RC Geeks device so will this be bright enough. Has anyone seen the two side by side?

      If you are remotely handy with a soldering iron, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost of the commercial units. Just as bright, minimal interference with the airflow, and a "flickering" controller. Typically come out less than $30 for a twin, or $20 for a single.

      See my blog:


      • The actual bird in action!

        Headphones and volume, recommended!
        Live Q&A every Tuesday and Friday at 9pm EST on my Twitch Livestream

        Live chat with me and other RC Nuts on my Discord

        Camp my Instagram @Alpha.Makes


        • So cool!


          • dny NATO 2020 Ostrava Click image for larger version

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            • Here is a nice gripen display from F-21 Luleå Sweden. They show a classic dogfight, and a speedcomparison.
              Fun fact, the speaker is not just a gripen pilot, he is also a good rc-gripenpilot.


              • That was a very interesting demo. I have seen and filmed russians do this (link below, dogfight starting at 3:55) but it is not really common to see proper 1vs1 dogfight mockups!
                Love these kinds of demonstrations as they add variety to airshows :)

                The speaker also made a great job of explaining to the audience what was going on! :)


                • 👍😍 Looks unreal how they handle the machines.


                  • Suchoj's dexterity and maneuverability is respectable. And then they are beautiful planes.


                    • Agree!

                      Besides those guys are factory-test-pilots (father and son respectively!), so they do know their business, indeed! :D

                      I recall seeing a Gripen back at Le Bourget 2013 but they had it only in static display... I gotta make it to a show where it pops up in the future and get a proper video!