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Fattie F-14 Tomcat by enjoy2fly

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  • Fattie F-14 Tomcat by enjoy2fly

    This is NOT intended to be a promotional post. I am not trying to promote or sell this plane for anyone or to anyone. This is something that is interesting to me and I don't wish to continue to pollute the Freewing F-14 Tomcat thread with this. Something this goofy looking should not fly and yet, it does.

    This is the first commercially produced Fattie. Previous to this, they had to be made by the DIY out of Depron or foamboard. (I personally, had a Fattie F-18 years ago that I flew for a couple of years.) They come as PNP, complete with 6-axis gyro, retracts with sequenced door, flies on 4s. Although it is sold as a pusher prop, it has already been converted to twin 50mm EDF.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	WhatsApp%20Image%202022-05-15%20at%204_58_45%20PM.jpg Views:	0 Size:	174.1 KB ID:	351678Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC02094_resize_JPG.jpg Views:	0 Size:	52.1 KB ID:	351679

    EDF version:

    FNRC unbox and build video:
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    Did you get yours yet? Super interested!!!


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      I got my shipping notice today. Hope to have it in about a week.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4305.JPG
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ID:	352130

        It arrived today. This is about the only picture I'll post as there are plenty on the product webpage. I may post a video of the first flight or two later.
        The whole box weighed almost nothing. This thing is a featherweight. There's nothing to it.
        It comes with a Pulsar gyro, mostly all wired up.
        Since ordering this plane, that company is now offering a version with an EDF kit that the buyer installs. Very soon, they will also sell a completed PNP EDF version. If it flies OK as a pusher prop, I'll put in twin counter-rotating X-Fly 50's.


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          Pretty cool plane!
          I watched a video of it from Essential R/C the other day and it flew very well. The only problem was if you rotate a little too steep on take off the prop will hit the ground.
          I think I will watch for the EDF version.



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            There is a video of the EDF version on the Fattie site.


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              BTW, I'm saying this is the most "manly man" voice I can muster up .......................... This is the cutest RC plane I've seen ever. It's the only one of the 150 planes I've gone through that the wife actually likes.


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                This is totally awesome!!! Even if I never decided to fly it, I'd even love to hang it on my ceiling.



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                  Just finished it. Ready to maiden when the winds die down. As far as I can tell, the Pulsar gyro has a very effective steering gyro. The rest was easy to set but won't know till it flies. It's got "self level", OFF and rate gyro. The Pulsar, if it works well, will make adding a steering gyro and flight gyro so much cheaper.


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                    So cool! Good luck with the maiden.


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                        The EDF kit just arrived. Sold by "X-Flight" ..... Arrived in less than a week.
                        Comes with 3D printed housing, so installation should be fairly goof-proof. Also come with one ESC (uses existing ESC for one fan) and a Y for the throttle leads. It's possible to buy just the pair of 3D printed fittings. I may later buy more powerful counter-rotating fans if the performance is lacking. It's recommended that thrust tubes be made for each fan unit. I will still fly it with the pusher prop first for a comparison.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4309.JPG
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ID:	352445
                        I took the Fattie out yesterday for the maiden but the wind was quite ferocious when I got to the field and even flying my 8s, 90mm Yak 130 was a bit dicey on the crosswind landing, so I elected to just do some ground runs instead. The prop version is very powerful and the steering gyro on the Pulsar was very effective, perhaps as effective as an Assan steering gyro, of which I have several in many planes. Alishamao showed in his demo that ground handling can be just as wild as the Freewing B2 due to the short wheelbase. It was all over the place. He didn't have the gyro turned on for the first take off. He later suggested that the first flight should be done with gyro ON. The steering gyro only works when the gyro is ON. When ON, the little guy tracks flawlessly straight down the centerline of the runway.
                        Will try again to get it in the air tomorrow.


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                          Thanks for posting that, good luck with the maiden!