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Before I YAK...

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  • Before I YAK...

    Sorry about the misleading subject - thrilled to see this plane here and hope you can get the R2F Vampires too, also with a 1700 kv 12-blade!

    I'm worried about being able to fit the Yak in my truck, so before I invest $600 in a permanent hangar queen I wad hoping someone could answer some dimensional questions. Are the wings easily removable? Also, do you have the measurement from the ground to the top of the tail when the gear is retracted and the plane is resting on a flat surface?

    Thanks - and great "scoop"! I like Motion more each and every day. :)

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    Re: Before I YAK...

    The wings are easily removable with a couple screws per wing. Of course you have the wiring to contend with so you may want to invest in one of the FMS main wing multi connectors listed under the 1700mm P-51D spare parts or 1400mm P-51B spare pars section. This means you only have one cable to disconnect when removing the wings. That said, you may be able to fold the wings under and keep the cables connected. I don't have exact dimensional data at the moment but I would use about 20 inches for the height and that should be very close. It may be within a inch or two of that.


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      Re: Before I YAK...

      Thanks for the feedback and thanks also for the great suggestion on the multi-connectors. I just ordered a bunch for the Yak and other planes.

      I'm realizing as time goes by that I'll need to start disassembling wings in order to fit everything I want to fly in the truck!