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Official Freewing 64mm EDF F9F Panther Thread

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    To all the folks whom are having issues with CG on this bird; spoke with the MRC tech-rep and he assured me that FreeWing designers tend to be conservative on where they place the CG, IOW-on the spot or slightly nose heavy. Here's the deal... I bought and built one of these beauties for myself, at that price it's a steal (in my book)! However; as Russ Henderson pointed out, on the design CG it's a touch sensitive! So, when I redesigned mine I added the wheels and an RCJuice (brand name) 6.4 oz 3S battery of 2200x50C plus a 9grm rudder servo across from the elevator servo and used each of their control wires in-place (one for elev and one for rud). I also added a 45 amp ESC to help handle future 4S batteries. On the elev I epoxied a 3mm plastic tube between elevators.

    Now, with all that said; my plane (w/battery) comes in at 1 pound 9.5 oz. That's 6.0 oz over their design weight with a 1600x35 (you do the math). I think 1.75" is a bit far back for the CG, that's 44mm for you metric types... So I made mine balance right at the front of the gear plates (at 1.5") with my 2200 as smooched rearward as I can get it up against the cut-a-way ply servo tray. So placing a 4S 2200x50 at 2 more oz is going to make it super nose heavy, so I'll need to figure something out later. Having said that; doing over I would definitely have placed the rudder servo in the vert. stab to add the tail weight and maybe a 4S might just balance it out at the same point (1.5")! If anyone does this, please let me know how it measures up.

    p.s. I added exactly 0 oz nose weight to the forward end, none whatsoever! I did order some new 4S 2200x60 batteries that weigh-in at 5 grams less that my 4S 2200s, it may help or may not, we'll see when they get here! That's it, hope this helps someone...


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      Tazman Eager to hear how it goes!

      Still waiting for them to come out with a 80, or a 90mm version. I don't think they realize how well it would sell.


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        agreed, maybe a 90mm version... it would be awesome!


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          Just ordered mine. I have an idea for some customization when it arrives, so once it's done, I'll post photos.


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            Looking forward to what you put together