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Official Dynam 64mm A-10 Thunderbolt II Thread

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  • Official Dynam 64mm A-10 Thunderbolt II Thread

    Motion RC is pleased to announce the release of the Dynam 64mm A-10 Thunderbolt II. This is the official message thread to post photos, videos, flight reviews and any questions about this aircraft.
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    I have a question. Has anybody tried to mix the engine throttles to the rudder channel to create some yaw? I know it won't be as effective as a physical rudder, but would it be enough for small adjustments on takeoff and landing?

    I'm just curious. This will probably be my next model and that won't affect my purchase, I'm just asking to see if it would work.


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      HI bjkeith13 I have my doubts that will even work I know it works on propped planes. I never heard anyone doing this I guess try it out and see never hurts to try. That plane flies amazing you will like this one.


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        So you want to basically do differential thrust with the two engine nacelles.... Honestly it won't work. If you could figure out how to get the thrust of an engine to work with the yaw, the reason the engines are mounted up top/aft and close together is of they lost one engine the pilot wouldn't have to fight induced yaw. Plus the engines are where they are also so they are harder to hit with ground fire and easier to swap out a dead engine.

        I've thought about the yaw issue too as on a windy day turning back upwind can be quite a challenge. I've thought about a single servo mounted in the tow half of the engine top cover with a two arm lever with a flight control rod from each side going put to the rubber control horn