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Removing OEM Acrylic Paint From Canopies

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  • Removing OEM Acrylic Paint From Canopies

    Hey Guys, After repainting 3 OEM canopies because I chose other liveries, I decided on my Freewing Phantom I would really try to strip the SEA Camo for a Navy scheme. I pulled the canopy to install a 3DP cockpit kit so it was easier. I would suggest pulling it to do this in any event. Go get these items: 1) 91% ISP, 2) Paper Towels, 3) Plastic Wrap. First cover a portion of the canopy with a folded dry p-towel, next wet (soak) the towel with the ISP, more is better, but it will drip some, next wrap the area with some plastic wrap to prevent evaporation, and finally leave it alone for an hour or more, check that things stay wet, once the acrylic has softened, it can be wiped and move to the next area. The Phantom canopy took 3 sections to get 99% of the paint. Next, wet a small piece of p-towel and wipe away what remains. You may need to repeat as required, but this technique works well and does no damage to the clear polycarbonate canopy. Best, LB
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    Good tip LB. Thanks!