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Adding smoke to an EP airplane?

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  • Adding smoke to an EP airplane?

    Does anyone have any experience in adding smoke to an electric powered plane ( I don't mean setting it on fire) ? I have a Rimfire 65 motor and would love to install it in the Phoenix Models 90" Waco, but it would be a crime not to have smoke installed.

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    VOODOO Here's one option. There may be some others out there.

    I've got a 1/4 scale Waco kit, designed by Wendel Hostetler, in queue to the bench. It's about the same size as yours and will be electric also. Contemplating a smoke system for mine as well.


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      Thanks for the info. This looks like it will do what I want.



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        Be mindful that for larger models or models flying at faster speeds, I've found that this smoker unit has trouble maintaining a sufficient volume of smoke. While indoors and static, the unit accumulates smoke convincingly. But outdoors in motion, a lot of that smoke is dissipated or diluted across a wider expanse of airspace at 100 feet per second or more. It's a whisper of white smoke, not a single dense plume.

        Search YouTube for videos of this unit in action to see if it suits your expectations. Some pilots love it for their needs, while others have been dissipointed. The key to happiness is managed expectations. Even in the best conditions, don't expect this unit to produce the thick visible volume of smoke that, say, a turbine jet's smoke system produces. Not even close.


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          After looking into this smoke system, I agree with you that it is not what I would be happy with. Perhaps we should adapt the E-cig vape devices to airborne smoke systems.