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Looking for info regarding my next BIG project...............

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  • Looking for info regarding my next BIG project...............

    Hey guys. I’ve posted this on a few different forums in hopes of getting a great deal of feedback from you all. So, if you this around the web, that’s why.
    As crazy as I am and risking my wife killing me. I’ve been thinking on starting a new “stick built” EDF or gasser project. However, before I give too much more thought to the idea. I have some concerns primarily related to EDF “wood” construction regarding the weight without sacrificing the structural integrity. I’ve been building balsa planes for 30+ years so understanding and utilizing proper construction techniques are nothing new to me. However, I’ve never scratch built a wood construction Jet. So, for an EDF project, I have some questions. Obviously, one cannot compare balsa construction to foam equally since the building designs and techniques are completely different. I have no concerns about building the aircraft, I am concerned about building it in a manner that the weight will not become an issue.

    I’m looking for suggestions and ideas for the most effective way of building an EDF from wood and still have a successful power to weight ratio when it’s completed? Is there some kind of a “formula” for this process? If I decide to go with an EDF as my project, my power / performance parameters are to stay with 6S packs and 80mm fan & inrunner motor setup. Regardless of my choice below, I will more than likely be building the scale landing gear myself no matter how long it takes me to complete the build, I want the final result to be as scale as humanely possible.

    For wood built EDF, I am trying to decide between:

    1st choice: F-84 Thunder streak (I have attached the plans, still need landing gear plans).

    2nd choice: A7 Corsair (still need to find some usable plans & landing gear plans).

    3rd choice: F9F (Ziroli plans and kit).

    If I choose to go with gas power:

    1st choice: B-36 Peacemaker (I would want to use 4ea. 20cc engines. The jet assist engines would be setup as non-functioning dummies. I have attached a plan, still need landing gear plans). This would be a bit more involved project of course but I have plenty of time so that is not an issue.

    2nd choice: DC-4 (I would want to use 4ea. 20cc engines. Still need to find some usable plans & landing gear plans as well).
    For the two above gasser projects, what would be the best way to establish the wingspan based on my engine spec.? I know weight will play a huge role in that determination also.

    Aside from the “choice” factor, my additional considerations are as follows:
    • Availability of plans, resources, detailed views, info, etc.
    • My ability to manufacture the landing gear to an accurately functioning and scale appearance.
    • Ability to nail down the power to weight ratio accurately. I want an aircraft that fly’s as it should with scale like characteristics.
    • Costs

    Anyway, tell me what you guys think and if you have any resources for detailed & usable plans and landing gear plans.
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    EAA# 1366802
    AMA# 631508

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    f-84 plan Click image for larger version

Name:	f84.JPG
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Name:	f84-2.JPG
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    EAA# 1366802
    AMA# 631508