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Homemade Wing Bag

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  • Homemade Wing Bag

    Hello Everyone,

    I was looking online the other night for wing bags. Well the cost was scary so I decided to investigate how to build my own. I can't take credit for this idea, I wish I could, but it has saved me loads and I am glad to share it. All you need is Reflectix Insulation found at your local Lowe's Hardware. Yes its insulation but there is no itchy fibers inside only air pockets. Also you will need the foil tape that goes with it along with a few strips of Velcro. Measure your wings, cut your pieces to the measurement...... I allowed about 5 inches on the second piece so I could fold it over and keep wing secure inside by attaching the Velcro. Tape the sides of the Reflectix, and attach your Velcro and the bags are very strong! The price for the Reflectix was about $16, the tape was $4 and Velcro $2. The Reflectix comes in different sizes. I purchased a roll of 16" x 25'. It only took about 15 minutes to cut and make my first bag. Hopefully this will help someone out. I figured up the cost and I have about $5 in a bag compared to $45 - $60, I have included some pictures, I hope they help out!

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