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Official Nexa OV-10 Bronco 1800mm ARF Discussion Thread

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  • Those main gear doors look great great flight.
    was hoping to run 14” props so think need 550kv motors on 6s but had to replace a AC unit so I am on hold till closer to Christmas 😕

    still keeping my plan in works


    • Originally posted by Tim Anderson View Post
      Don’t know if anyone has tried the gun barrel file, i finally did and the barrel breaks pretty easily, I am reworking and will post new file when available.
      gambler71 wish I could help, but not flying spectrum much anymore.

      Do you still have the barrel stl file? i am looking for a decent gun barrel for my large Hangar 9 OV 10 D




      • will resize for you and repost in next day or so, glad to help!


        • Ohw, that's great ! thank you very much!

          The Hangar 9 is about 1/4.3 scale, guns will be around 115 mm length i guess, and 18 mm total height if that's a good indication for you

          I've got these measurements from Maschinengewehrläufe in Tragflächen, Bronco (

          They look nice, but are not correct, specially the nozzles are wrong.. Yours were way better...

          I'm bit reluctant in spending quite some money on them if they are not what they should be...

          thanks again!


          • Hope this helps, lost my nexa bronco this summer to a bad esc, total loss, congratulations on the hangar 9, much better design. Let me know if this works for you.
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            • that's sad to hear, you'll make another one ? they fly great, that's why i bought the Hangar 9 one as well.

              It looks great !! i will now search someone with a resin printer, because sanding on such a part is out of the question i guess

              In the meantime there is some interest on Rc groups for these guns as well, do you mind if i share this information with them?

              thanks again, will let you know when i have results!




              • I hated to loose it , but don’t think I would build another , it flew nicely but was a pain in the butt to transport, awkward shape with wing panel on the booms and the center section with the winglets , I would prefer a design where the center and both booms stayed together, with outer wing panels removable, that way you could leave on the gear, the hangar9 is beautiful and a better design but have been on back order for ages now … and a significant investment, oh well so it goes. feel free to share the files with anyone who needs them!


                • I get your point, i have to take it apart each time i go flying, it now takes me about 15 minutes to assemble, i think it's worth it if i can get at least 3 flights...

                  The large hangar 9 is indeed a better design, but i don't have the means to transport it when it's assembled minus the outside wing parts, it's just too big..So i'm aware i'll be assembling at the field again, at least for 15 minutes... i'll take it..

                  thanks for the file, will report back later...