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Phoenix Stuka Ju 87 61cc Gas EP ARF 94.4"

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  • Phoenix Stuka Ju 87 61cc Gas EP ARF 94.4"

    I've had my eye on this giant scale ARF for a few years now and finally pulled the trigger. I had to sell off some planes but I always loved the Stuka. Flies like a trainer, easy to takeoff and land. One of my favorite foamies was the FMS Stuka. I got tons of hours of fun out of that one. I've had a larger balsa one (55-65" wing or so) which also was a blast to fly. From what I have heard, this one is no different.

    So I am needing some help. I am using the Admiral GP60 on 12S setup with the Castle HV 200A ESC. I am going to go 3 blade vario prop (24"). I am looking for a scale 3-blade 4.5"x4.5" spinner for that setup. Unfortunately Tru-Turn who I have used for years for my custom spinners, is going out of business. I've searched all the main RC forums and surprisingly I cannot find a single build thread on this model.

    The spinner I am looking for would look like the one below. This was a photo of a customer's who left a review. Unfortunately I have no contact info for the person or I would have simply asked where he got his 3-blade setup.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	original.jpg Views:	0 Size:	217.5 KB ID:	357356

    My build specs:

    Phoenix Stuka Ju 87 61cc Gas EP ARF 94.4"
    Motor: Admiral GP60 8925-180Kv Brushless Motor
    ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 200A ESC with 5A SBEC
    Servos: 4x Hitec HS-82MG (Flaps), 4x Hitec HS645MG (Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder)
    Prop: 3-blade 24" Vario
    Radio: Spektrum DX18
    Receiver: TBD
    LiPos: 2x 6S 5000mAh in series

    I appreciate any constructive thoughts, help, ideas, info!

    My YouTube RC videos:

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    That should be a great project. I've seen several fly with gas power and all flew quite well.

    Check out ZYHobby for your 3-blade spinner needs.
    Looking forward to following your build.


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      Thanks! I'll look up ZYHobby!

      She's a big girl! (Not my photo, I found it online)...

      Click image for larger version  Name:	img_5240_1576743b73039bb4213ec0048766c005e6e3b656.jpg Views:	0 Size:	139.4 KB ID:	357385
      My YouTube RC videos: