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  • Widgeon!

    The folks over at Flite Test are bringing out a PnP Grumman Widgeon this year. Not a lot of details yet, but their announcement showing the two planes coming out ahead of it (Micro Beaver and a Micro Cessna), has a few quick clips of the Widgeon pre-production sample being flown.

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    Can you provide more details in the form of links or videos? I stopped subscribing to FliteTest when I got fed up with all of their videos being monetized - can't stand all the ads scattered throughout their vids. They even have to have sponsorship for certain sections of their vids. They have become so much less about the RC hobby and so much more about securing money. They've become "pitchmen".


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      Yeah, the ads are a bit annoying, though they're showing up far and wide on YouTube now.


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        Potentially interesting products although Horizon has so far cornered the UMX market. All of their little planes are equipped to fly in very windy conditions, far windier than I would dare fly any of my large models. But that 1 minute, 10 second ad for their sponsor was just too much and a real turn off and the reason why I unsubscribed to their channel.


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          I can mostly understand their in-video endorsements for their sponsors, as that does help pay their bills. The ones that really bother me, are the ones that YouTube puts in, often at awkward points in the video (rather than at logical break points). It's really annoying when the ads are as long (or longer) than the video I'm trying to watch. I know the creators get compensated based on whether the ads get watched, so if the ads aren't too long or offensive, I'll watch them. There are some, though, that I'll skip the moment they start, because they're excessively long and/or downright insulting.

          Flite Test, though, is right up there with MRC for customer service, and most of my RC purchases are divided between those two.