Freewing T-45 Goshawk 90mm EDF Jet PNP

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dynam primo with floats

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  • dynam primo with floats

    wondering if anyone has put floats on a dynam primo, if so what floats did you use??

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    Until someone (If there is anyone) who has actually done this comes and posts what they did, there are some suggestions for you. Your Primo most closely approximates the size of the bigger Eflite Apprentice and they offer a set of floats for it:
    A bit pricey but they have stock.
    Another possibility (if you want to wait for stock that they never seem to ever get), is the HobbyKing floats for either their Tundra or Grand Tundra. The Gr. Tundra is the closer of the two to the size and weight of the Primo. No stock.
    Tundra floats are also pricey but are in stock but they may not work too well given the much lighter weight of the Tundra:

    Because the Primo was never marketed with a float option, you will need to do some modification/adaptation to make another float set work. These floats are not the only ones out there. They do make generic floats for planes in various sizes and a hobby shop can likely advise you on what they can get in.
    I've adapted floats sets for my Eflite EC1500 and for a Freewing Mirage 2000 80mm jet, so anything is possible.


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      thanks. great info, fly well