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Official Black Horse 2350mm Gilmore Red Lion

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    Hi DaleD I got mine in Australia I also live in Australia it was the only one left on line that I could find in Australia and was located on the other side of the country and took a week for delivery, I was told that next Australian blackhorse shipment will NOT have any 2350 Gilmore Racer in it.

    Good luck with your Gilmore Racer when one turns up.


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      Demand for this Gilmore has far exceded supply. As Motion RC's Tom has said, they are hand built to high quality standards and can only build so many at a time. There are other Gilmores out there by other factories. This particular Black Horse Gilmore model is, in MHO, the best of the Gilmores currently being produced. It really is worth the wait.


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        Originally posted by Twowingtj View Post
        Demand for this Gilmore has far exceded supply. As Motion RC's Tom has said, they are hand built to high quality standards and can only build so many at a time. There are other Gilmores out there by other factories. This particular Black Horse Gilmore model is, in MHO, the best of the Gilmores currently being produced. It really is worth the wait.
        Thanks for this bit of info. I have no desire to purchase another so will wait till the BlackHorse is available.

        Wish I could see more flying action but I understand it’s not flying season in some places now.

        Happy New Year



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          DaleD Happy New Year to you too and to all of the others following this thread.

          It's definately not flying season for this kind of bird here right now. I too would like to see some more Gilmore build and flight reports posted here. Don't be shy folks!

          I did see another Black Horse 60cc Gilmore maiden flight posted on YouTube, from a few months ago. It did not go well. It looked to be tail heavy and ended with a crash shortly after take off.


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            Hi Twowingtj Have ordered the Dualsky motor the same as yours GA60000.9 160kv with 4 bolt pattern, Ordered 2 Sail 26 x 10 props from the USA , Ordered 2 spinners from ZYHOBBY.

            Need to order a speed controller I see Hobbywing have a Platinum HV130AMP V4 would that be to small to use for the Black horse 60cc Gilmore or do I need a 160AMP like yours a Hobbywing flyfun HV 160AMP opto V5 with a 12s Setup.

            I would say it will take some time to all the bits turn up.


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              TO HIGH TO HIGH , I haven't put a wattmeter on my system at this point, so I'm not sure what it's actually pulling amp wise.

              I based my choice on the prop test data at the bottom of this product page With the Sail 26x10, we are running near the upper range. The test data chart shows pulling 113A at 100% throttle. We don't know what brand prop they used to test. Amp draw can vary from prop to prop, depending on what brand, style, and other factors of the prop used.

              My preference is to choose equipment that gives lot's of headroom so as not to stress the components. The recommended ESC range is 130A to 160A, so the 160A was chosen.


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                To all of you that have been waiting, the Glilmore Red Lion is back In Stock at the U.S. warehouse. Get'em while they're hot!


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                  I have a 92" BH Gilmore Red Lion and need some parts. Mainly, I need some pieces of the covering material. If anyone has any spare parts from an incomplete kit or a crashed victim, Please contact me.
                  I would also like to find the horizontal stab or elevators as well.
                  Thanks for looking.

                  NOTE: I have contacted Motion RC about this and they do not have anything available.


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                    gijon Welcome to Hobby Squawk! How big of a piece of covering are you looking for? Have you flown the Gilmore? If so, how is yours set up?

                    Motion RC usually brings in spares when new shipments arrive. Sometimes they come in on a seperate container.


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                      Thanks for the welcome. I just picked it up as an airframe only. The previous owner did not build it to my liking. The horizontal stab was installed upside down with the covering seams on top. I intend to fix that. He also cut holes in the top of the wing section near the fuse to tighten the hold down bolts. Don't know why... I would like to repair that as well. I do not need much covering material for those repairs.
                      As far as setup, I'm going gas. I have not yet decided what I will power it with. I have 3 choices at this point. Zenoah G-62, Sachs 4.2, EME 70 twin.
                      When I called Motion RC about spares, they did not have anything and do not seem to eager to assist me.

                      I like the 30s era racers. This is a match to my 27% GBY.


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                        Good looking GBY. The yellow and black scheme is the best looking IMHO.

                        Good luck with fixing the covering. The pre-printed covering looks nice, but repairs wind up more of a challenge. Motion does offer the covering "set" for some of the planes, but not this one yet.

                        Any of those engines should work well with the Gilmore. The EME 70 twin would sound sweet pulling this big bird around.


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                          Thanks for the comments. I'll keep plugging away at it.


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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	9A82D3F1-EA08-4B6D-9041-56574FF14252.jpeg
Views:	310
Size:	46.6 KB
ID:	294028 Would the UMS 7-77cc glow enginemate well to this model? Looking at the specs it seems it would be but wanted to get thoughts. I think a nice radial would sound and look great in this magnificent beast. Thanks!


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                              Thimble Based on the engine specs, the UMS 7-77cc should be a good choice power wise. The opening at the front of the cowl is 10.75" (273mm), so the 9" diameter of the engine would look nice and allow cooling air to reach everything. The sound of a well tuned 7 cylinder radial would be perfect.

                              Adding some 1/8" aircraft grade light ply to the front and back of the firewall before mounting the engine is suggested. It would help prevent wood compression of the factory firewall, when supporting the extra weight of an IC engine.

                              If you go with this set-up, please share some pictures so we can see how great it looks.


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                                My xmas present finally arrived .


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                                  RC ML Congrats! Now, the fun begins.


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                                    I don't know how many planes came in on the last shipment from Black Horse 9 or 10 days ago. I noticed that many of the larger Black Horse warbirds that came in then, have already sold out or are close to doing so.

                                    There seems to be a lot of demand for the larger balsa ARFs. The Gilmore included.


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                                      Hi Twowingtj My Dualsky GA6000.9 160kv arrived the other day very nice. I was wanting to know what make and model separate Bec you are using and what size battery lipo battery and how many cells you are using to power the servos.

                                      Looking at using Savox Servos the SA-1256tg 20kg 6V Standed Digital high torgue titanium gear

                                      or should I use the Savox Servo the SC-1268SG 25kg HV servos.


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                                        TO HIGH TO HIGH I'm running the ZTW 18A BEC / UBEC on a 2S 3300-3600mah lipo. I set the output to 6V. It's more than enough power for the number of servos the Gilmore uses. The SA-1256tg servos are more than enough as well. The surfaces are not that large and they aren't using 3D type throws.


                                        • Any thoughts on this engine Pichler Boost 180 Brushless Esc S-CON 150HV and what prop should be fine ? eastheticly and for flying .