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E Flite Viper

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  • E Flite Viper

    I'm planning on taking my first step to EDF jets and eyeing E Flite Viper, so my question is does anybody know if they would be coming with a newer version of it soon? How about any other beginner jets?


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    The Viper is a great first jet if you're flying off of a hard surface. If you're flying off grass, it's not so good because it has no suspension and tends to bounce on both takeoff and landing. It was my first jet and I did pretty well with it, but it can bite you on both takeoff and landings. If you're comfortable with something fast, get an FMS YAK32 v2. It's in a similar size and price range The YAK32 is a great jet to fly off of grass because it has great landing gear. It has less wing than the Viper and likes to fly fast and will bite you if you slow it down too much... especially in turns. That said, it flies great and is a very fun aircraft. If you have a bit more cash and aren't afraid of something a bit bigger, get a Freewing Avanti S. Is is a real *****cat.

    No jet will slow down like a prop airplane without FULL flaps, so make sure that on final you go to full flaps on the approach. Don't go to full flaps until you are done with your turns and are on final.

    If you're not comfortable with a fast model, save your money and get there first before you buy an EDF.



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      Good advice ^

      Also something like the FMS Avanti is a good alternative, sport jets can be flown super slow and the new V3 has great retracts.

      Depending on your experience - you might be more comfortable with a 4s/64mm jet to get a feel for EDFs before jumping into the 6s stuff. I understand the arrows marlin is quite good. I personally started on the elite F15, which is an amazing bit of kit that I still enjoy flying even with a hangar full of 70, 80 and 90mm jets. SAFE is amazing for hand launching. Although a 3ch plane without flaps means you'll be missing some crucial skills for landing larger jets.


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        I love my e-flite Viper. it is helping me tremendously becoming a confident EDF flyer. 5 minute flight times, and it glides great. Landing it is not so bad. I love flying it, no longer afraid of flying an EDF thanks to the little Viper.


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          +1 on the viper, it's a very good flying jet and a great first EDF
          rc flyin addict


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            I just wanted to add this, I just bumped my flight timer to 6 minutes on my Viper. I am using 4000 mah HRB batteries, and I was landing at 50-60% capacity, and am tired of waiting to bring them down to storage level on the charger. 1 minute in the sky is one minute not on the ground. I fly the airplane reserved, but still have plenty of fun with it, and not yet has it becoming boring.



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              Flying grass? If so just buy some extra wings when you order it. I have one I just made new again and won’t fly it on grass anymore. If you can fly then one of the above, if looking for safe the f15 or f16.


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                Hi guys, thanks for all the feedback. I finally pulled the trigger and got the Viper. After my maiden with some minor trim, I got her to fly perfectly. It's really a beginner's first jet as it's easy to take off, fly and even land. I had no trouble landing with full flaps on as they really slow the plane down. I flew 5 more packs after the maiden and it was a lot of fun, really fast when you want and slow if you need it to be. The only thing I felt was when it's on full flaps and slowing down the turns feel like the plane is almost uncontrollable as if it will wing stall. Should I not be turning with full flaps?


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                  I hold full flaps until established and short straight in final. I do his with all the planes I fly.



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                    This is a good jet, but I still feel the Bae Hawk is the better choice with its lights, that it is now HP with better landing gear than I have on my Hawk.

                    With that being said, here is my Maiden Flight with my Viper!


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                      Love these Jets (they are actually the same but with different paint) The Eflite Viper has the 636 SAFE receiver whereas the FMS you have to supply your own. I have tried the 636 receiver by swapping it into the FMS Viper & the FMS Avanti with no changes & they fly so good.

                      Here are the video comparisons with multicam shots showing ground & aerial footage

                      FMS VIPER

                      Eflite Viper