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R.I.P. To the D.F. Jet Garu

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  • R.I.P. To the D.F. Jet Garu

    On March 21st. Robert Violet passed away peacefully in His home surrounded by Family. Bob WAS instrumental in kicking off the Ducted fan revolution with the team work of Mr. Scozzie who worked in concert along with Bob ,along with B.V.'s brother in law Cliff Telford of pylon racing fame re working K&B 40's to put out the TREMENDOUS power needed to produce the thrust needed to sucessfully fly Bobs first successfully flown D.F.jet, the "Sun Downer" and soon sfter the A-4 Skyhawk that brought ducted fans to the fore front of model aviation. Next time you make another hassle free flight REMEMBER this true icon and pioneer of The Jet set!

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    It is so sad to hear. He truly was a pioneer for the hobby. RIP and all the best to his family and friends during this difficult time.
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      Can you change the title RIP Bob Violet ducted Fan Pioneer? The current title I ignored for 5 days. I think a lot of people know who he was. I wonder how old he was?
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        he left a great legacy
        rc flyin addict