FlightLineRC P-38L LIghtning Pacific Silver

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Freewing 80mm Super Scorpion Landing Gear

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  • Freewing 80mm Super Scorpion Landing Gear

    I have the 80 mm super scorpion from freewing and I am running into the issue that there really aren’t any spare parts left on the Motion RC website or really anywhere for that matter. I am in need of replacement main landing gear struts due to a couple of grub screw threads being stripped out. I was wondering if anyone knows if the 80 mm mig-21 gear will fit the super scorpion? They look identical on the website but there are not any specs on them like overall length, axle diameter and tire diameter. If anyone has any insight on this that would be great!

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    They have stock here: https://www.rc-castle.com/index.php?...roduct_id=3846


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      Yep. Got mine at rc castle.


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          Great thank you for the link, guess my google skills aren’t that great. Looks like you got rid of the swiss scheme also, looks sharp! This is the scheme I gave mine.
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            Looks great . I have problems seeing red, so I went with the florescent green. It was all beat up with hanger rash, so was time for a repaint anyway.