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Official Freewing Vulcan 70mm EDF Jet Thread

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  • Has anyone seen this quick connect for the wings mentioned on motionRC page?

    • Removable wings with quick disconnect wiring plug
    Neither of mine had quick wiring disconnects.

    Also has anyone else had issues with the Ailerons breaking off with less then 10 flights?


    • Originally posted by kallend View Post
      Someone wrote to me that his Vulcan had a slightly different size rear end than the one I created the nozzles for, so I designed a slightly bigger one to fit his plane. It's #5b in the set on Thingiverse, in case anyone else has the same problem.

      (I don't have a Vulcan of my own so I made these according to dimensions people sent me).
      At long last I got access to a Vulcan and measured the outlet for myself. The one I measured was 1mm larger in both OD and ID than the values that I had been sent and which I used when designing the various nozzles.

      I have started modifying the files on Thingiverse, and the larger nozzles have a "b" suffix in the filename. As I get time I will get "b" versions for all the nozzles.


      • This is my Unboxing for my new Vulcan!


        • I've flown my Vulcan a few times now and there were no surprises. It flew well, never a problem and it even takes off well from grass. At 3500 feet altitude, this jet is not as fast as I had hoped it would be but since it so trouble free and flies well enough, I'm happy with it. Not needing to be disassembled, it can be easily thrown in the car and doesn't take up a lot of storage space. From my previous post, I did get the Stinger 90 and have flown it a few times as well. By far, it is still one of my most satisfying jets I have. It's up there amongst my top few faves.


          • First video of my repainted Vulcan with the blue lightburner. Such a fun little jet!



            • This is the Maiden Flight Review!


              • My wife got me the Vulcan 4s for my birthday present. Going to put it together tonight.
                Click image for larger version

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                • Cool, fly on my friend!

                  Team Gross!