FlightLineRC P-38L Lightning Allied Green

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Official Freewing 80mm Avanti S Sport Jet Thread

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  • Well, this is just proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Installed an A3L in the Avanti, on the starboard side under the forward end of the hatch, set her up to use the knob on the radio for gain, like all the other planes I have (Did a count and the Avanti is the only flying airplane that didn't have a gyro! Go figure) Flew her today and WOW, smooth as butter! The gyro just makes an airplane so much nicer to fly. The Avanti was never a difficult airplane to fly, just getting her back on the ground was the challenge for me. She sat for over a year as my skills definitely improved, thanks to my F.I RV 8! Best airplane ever! Now she's fun to fly again. Thanks guys!!

    Team Gross!