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GWS C-47 Sky Train

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  • GWS C-47 Sky Train

    Man it's been a Looooong time since I've seen a GWS plane.
    I used to fly these all the time back in the day so when we picked up a stray noobie (Zach) it seemed like the right time to track one down to break him in.

    Sure blindsiding him and Wyatt like this might seem harsh it was totally worth it.

    Enjoy the insanity and stick around to see if they can get this thing off the ground.

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    Back in the day GWS was the main event!
    I had a few and recently discovered a C-130 kit and a part-built A-10 in my late dad's stash of models, so it's probably a good time for a bit of nostalgia :Cool:


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      A friend of mine stumbled across not one, but two GWS C-130 kits. I converted one of them into a brushless 4 motor set up. Paining it was interesting, as no matter how much latex primer I applied, spray paint still got through and ate the foam!! In the end, it turned out pretty nice. First flight, it wound up in a flat spin and splashed down in a pond. My friend took it home, and I do not think it has been in the air since....Graphics are by Callie

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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        Yea that did come out pretty good. Good old GWS nice planes but far from an arf that they use to advertise. They were like Dynam only Dynam is a better then they were.


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          What i did like about them was you could put your own power systems in their planes. And electronics. The ones i had, the corsair, mustang and spitfire all flew very well.


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            15 yr old (and rather dusty!) GWS Corsair hanging in the cellar. This model started with the supplied brushed motor and became the first model that I used a brushless, Lipo system in.
            From what I recall, the performance improvement was staggering, but expensive!
            I really should dust this one off and get her flying again.


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              Expensive is right. My first Lipo cost me close to $100 for an 800mah 3 cell! But oh was that weight savings worth it.


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                Better than those sub-C cells! The good ol' days!
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                  Originally posted by Alpha.MotionRC View Post
                  Better than those sub-C cells! The good ol' days!
                  Yup...Nostalgia ain't what it used to be :)


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                    Originally posted by Tate View Post
                    Expensive is right. My first Lipo cost me close to $100 for an 800mah 3 cell! But oh was that weight savings worth it.
                    I think mine was also an 800mAh 3 cell and cost £50 or so for a whopping 10C of power! Never looked back though.


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                      I had the A-10 with the brushed motors in it long before I even knew what a lipo and brushless was (I was still flying nitro back then). Never could get that thing to stay in the air, but it looked good....for a little while anyway, LOL


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                        Back when edf was; ok its up.. and it looks like a leaf in the wind.. lol