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Official Nexa OV-10 Bronco 1800mm ARF Discussion Thread

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  • sounds like you are getting close now Sam! I think with 6s it’s definitely gonna be capable of being a hot rod, but I am looking more for of a 7 to 8 min cruising around at half throttle rod, mine is ready to cg, few teaks left…weather looks like a whole lot of awful for next week here.


    • Well if the rpm makes enough thrust to cruise and fly it scale, I'm hoping for half throttle also and that would be less than 20a on each of the 6250 bats. I'm very happy with my fliteline OV-10 with 4000 twin packs and my flights lasting 12+ mins. So how long will 20a load last on roughly 4500 to 5000ma to 3.7v/cell?


      • A little acetone and paper towel will remove the Master Airscrew logo from the prop blades, without marring the black finish..

        Old Dawg


        • Math says 7.5 minutes for the 5000 but I doubt you’ll have exactly 20A average.

          Originally posted by sam51401 View Post
          Well if the rpm makes enough thrust to cruise and fly it scale, I'm hoping for half throttle also and that would be less than 20a on each of the 6250 bats. I'm very happy with my fliteline OV-10 with 4000 twin packs and my flights lasting 12+ mins. So how long will 20a load last on roughly 4500 to 5000ma to 3.7v/cell?


          • Help me on the math here, did you use 20a with 5000ma? So 6s 6250 at 80% gives me the 5000ma, divided by the 20a gives .25 x 60mins gives 15 mins. What did you use to obtain 7.5mins, a higher avg amp draw?
            I used 20a as my half throttle load so its a base line to gauge from so 7.5 to 8 mins is a good estimate. I use telemetry to monitor cell voltage so will see what my initial time is based on when i hit my set "fuel reserve" call out.


            • I used 2500mAh from the pack, you’ll never use it all.


              • Well they always say the devil is in the details. I want to add the M60 barrels on the sponsons and have a good replication for the gas chamber and barrel but the flash muzzles still allude me to get a good representation for 1/7 scale. I have looked for scale helicopter details and the 1/6 toy soldier plastic stuff all have the forward hand guards and front sight modeled in. Does anyone have a source or suggestion that would fit the bill for this Bronco? Thanks


                • I used a combination of brass and plastic tubes to make it as good as possible, with some subtle weathering i'm pleased with the results..

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	84167599_2719422118151923_5218269266163269632_n.jpg
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ID:	322733Click image for larger version

Name:	92892634_515294636014493_1816570754444034048_n.jpg
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Name:	P1040917kl.jpg
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                  Do note that the guns on the right sponson are on the outside, and on the left sponson on the inside relative to the fuselage!


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                  • I sat down last night and built this in 3d, 6cm long which is just a guess but seems about the right size,i have not printed or tested yet! I have been swamped with work but can post an .stl file later today if there's interest?
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	m60.JPG Views:	0 Size:	51.7 KB ID:	322937


                    • Wow, i dont check post over a couple days and then i catch up to find this!! Ill try it on my Geeetech A10 if you like to send the stl. I did find something but only one on EBay for the 1/6 scale figure series. My hope was to copy the front barrel assembly, which is detachable from the main breach assembly, make a mold and cast duplicates. Lengthy and old school but I'll try a stl file before going down that road.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	M60aircraft.jpg
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ID:	323260


                      • Tim, your estimated length of 6cm looks to be right on. The pics of the one here is 1/6 which would work as well. Now if i had two of these, i could almost make the
                        gun bays complete for display. I had planned to make a mold for just the front half and then trim off the front sight. Your stl may be just the ticket along with the other one that was recently posted over in the thread on RCGroups but that one is for 5th scale and resizing stl files sometimes has issues.
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	m601-6pic2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	99.0 KB ID:	323262Click image for larger version  Name:	m601-6pic1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	109.9 KB ID:	323263


                        • the first one I just knocked out and said that looks about right..... I found a good blueprint and went back and checked alignments and proportions so this one should be accurate. 60 mm length import .stl as millimeters. feel free to try it out!
                          Click image for larger version  Name:	m60v3.JPG Views:	0 Size:	50.2 KB ID:	323307

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                          • Is anyone flying the OV-10 with a Spektrum AS3X receiver? If so could you share the AS3X settings you have used please?




                            • Don’t know if anyone has tried the gun barrel file, i finally did and the barrel breaks pretty easily, I am reworking and will post new file when available.
                              gambler71 wish I could help, but not flying spectrum much anymore.


                              • Well I finally managed to maiden my Bronco. Overall very happy with the flying qualities, performance of the power system and basically just the WOW factor. Such a great looking plane especially on a low level flyby, landings are quite easy. Only issue I need to resolve is to increase the total amount of elevator travel, an easy fix by means of swapping out the servo arm with a longer one. The guys at the field loved her too!
                                Here's a YouTube link of the first take off and most of the second flight. Bear with the video, it gets better a couple of minutes in.
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	image0.jpeg
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ID:	327258


                                • Congrats on the successful maiden.... Great flight! Like the scheme you did for this OV-10 as well.


                                  • Congratulations on successful maiden flight! Really looks good. I was planning on this weekend but looks like incoming weather is gonna change that up


                                    • In regards to my Bronco maiden a few days ago, here's the parts used to power and control her. Everything performed beautifully and provided plenty of power.
                                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Bronco Specs - JPs Build.JPG
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Size:	71.3 KB
ID:	327387


                                      • well have spent a few weeks going through this thread in its details. Love all the facts and scale details.
                                        Will probably get this later in the fall when bonus money comes, and will buy some of the parts as i get ready for the build.

                                        from looks want to use the 14" 3 blade props and want to use a 5S or 6S power setup.
                                        I am seeing motors all over the place and know some have changes since this thread started.

                                        will defiantly look for the celli graphics to add detail to the plane.

                                        I don't have a 3D printer any more so can i still get some one to print the turbine exhaust stacks?

                                        I saw several thoughts on modifying the factory struts and what retracts to use.
                                        was any one able to modify the factory strut's and get them still to go up in the wheel wells?
                                        I do like the modifications of steering where servo in front of gear.

                                        I like the idea of using the receiver battery than relying on the BEC to deliver enough current to all the servos. as well as using SBUS devices in the pods so that wing connection wiring is simpler. I will put the ESC is the fuselage. I did see discussion on 2 packs in parallel then "Y" into the ESC for redundancy.

                                        Now one question I did not see discussed much was telemetry on Amps's and mAh consumed. the Admeral ESC do not have any telemetry info and with multiple ESC not always can you combine that telemetry into one signal to be sent back. Did any one attempt to tackle this?

                                        I am in Central FL if any one close would love to see your bird fly and look over it more.

                                        I saw gear doors on the nose, did any one make doors for the mains?