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TopRc structural failures

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  • TopRc structural failures

    Beware of these ARFs, Neither TopRC or Caman will stand behind their defective products.

    I experienced 2 major structural failures with my Zero. First problem was a leading edge flutter at the root of the both wings right in front of the wheel wells, I recovered from this and made a modification to minimize the problem. The second failure was that the wings folded during flight.

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    Interesting, my Zero had similar structural failure today during high speed low pass.
    Wing saddle area failed, and one wing flew off and bird went in, total loss.
    This happened despite my effort to put in CF shreds and resin all around the wing saddle areas, FG cloth with resin inside fuselage around the flimsy formers.
    I guess all that reinforcement still not enough for this plane.
    Mine was bought in 2017 but had only 20 flights so far.


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      After I posted about these structural problems Caiman stepped up and gave me a discount on a new Zero. Here are my mods I did to help prevent future failures.
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