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Official Black Horse 1724mm Dornier DO335 Pfeil ("Arrow") Thread

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  • Alert to all you Pfeil owners, before we put it on the website, I wanted to post here on Hobby Squawk that we have a Pfeil that is new in the box except it's missing the plastic canopy. If anyone wants to save $100, PM me.
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    • The numbers on the tail should be 102 to match letter code VG PH


      • The number on the tail should be 102 to match the letter code VG PH


        • After a lengthy pause, while other projects took priority, the 335 finally had it's maiden.

          The CG was spot on the recommended 175mm with a 6S 8Ah lipo about an inch back in the front hatch. She came in at 15.3lbs AUW.

          The bird lifted off with ease using take-off flaps and felt real good on the sticks. There were no quirky tendencies at all. Just a nice heavy metal warbird feel. Two clicks of left aileron is all she needed.

          Being a twin, with the rear motor behind four full tail surfaces, it has a sound unlike any other warbird. It's like a swarm of huge angry bees on steroids! Not what you want to hear coming up behind you if you're tooling along in your P-51.

          It has a good, eye catching presence in the air.

          Landing is just a matter of dropping take-off flaps(30 deg), keeping it pretty flat and controlling decent with throttle.

          Didn't get vid or in flight shots.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	DOMaiden3a.jpg Views:	3 Size:	489.7 KB ID:	320952

          Click image for larger version  Name:	DOMaiden4a.jpg Views:	3 Size:	520.8 KB ID:	320953

          Click image for larger version  Name:	DOMaiden2a.jpg Views:	4 Size:	515.3 KB ID:	320950

          Click image for larger version  Name:	DOMaiden1a.jpg Views:	3 Size:	291.8 KB ID:	320951


          • That looks amazing!


            • I had a chance to fly the Do-335 at the Warbirds over Chenango Bridge event this last weekend. My wife was able to get a pretty good video.

              As I mentioned before, this plane has a very unique sound. Most of it is generated by the rear prop positioned behind four flying surfaces.

              We were dealing with a fairly stiff crosswind. I wound up with a bit more of a flare than planned. Luckily, I had reinforced the lower rear fin. No damage.



              • very nice tony!

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                • Hey Guys, been a while since I posted here. I'm still flying my Do335, but not very often, as I've decided the Xwave retracts are marginal for the mains, and inadequate for the nose, at least at my increased flight weight. The problem is that the trunnion forks snap off (nose retract) as they carry the landing stresses. I'm lucky if I get even 2 or 3 flights sometimes, with landings that I thought were pretty darn good, landing on Geotex. But then you consider that above the nose gear is a 6000 or larger lipo, maybe 7 oz. of nose weight, two Talon 90 ESC's, 5055 motor, and large prop, and maybe not so hard to believe. On the mains, the stress is carried by the trunnion bearings, and they hold up fine. But with the weight of a Robart Scale Wheel (and gear door resistance), one or the other main typically stalls before fully retracting.

                  I think the Xwaves could easily be improved -- it appears that the trunnion is machined. Simply machine away less between the forks, and there'd still be plenty of clearance for the worm gear. The forks could be at least 1mm wider, and it wouldn't cost a thing to make them stronger. I don't know much about the grades of aluminum, but I suspect a different grade could help as well.

                  All that said, my Do335 is grounded for the time being -- I've gone through at least 3 or 4 nose retracts.

                  So, are there any options? I've never seen an Eflite, so don't know if it's any beefier than the Xwave. I believe it (their steerable nose gear) is made for a 4mm strut, so I'd have to drill out the trunnion. I've looked at Robarts, but I'm hesitant to spend more on retracts than the model costs. I know Hobbyking has some large retracts, but they are pretty much out of stock or "global" when you need another.

                  MotionRC: If you are going to get into large ARFs, I think you should consider an upgrade model of the Xwave for models 15+ pounds. I think they're find for 10-12 lbs. and have standardized on them for several of my other models -- makes it convenient to keep a spare or two on hand when you use the same unit in multiple models. They're priced right and MRC keeps them in stock -- two strong points in their favor. I just don't think they're best suited to the Do335.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2595.JPG
Views:	46
Size:	116.8 KB
ID:	324397


                  • MrSmoothie On your mains stalling, check to see if the gear pins have gotten bent backwards some. I'm running Robart wheels on the mains as well. My wheels compress a bit with the weight of the model and tend to be a bit draggy in the grass. The gear pins supplied with the struts are soft and do bend rearward easily, causing the wheel to contact the backside of the wheelwell when retracting.

                    I've wanted to change out the gear pins to a standard hardened pin, but the strut grub screws are not drilled at 90degrees. They seem to be drilled wherever the maker wants to put a hole. Hence the non-flatted pin going into the struts. If the struts were drilled with grub screws at 90 and 180 degrees, we could change pins easily.

                    Luckily, knock on wood, I haven't had an issue with breaking nose gear retracts. And I'm carrying a 6S 8Ah pack up front.