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Official Nexa 2100mm F-82 Twin Mustang (Balsa ARF) Discussion Thread

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    One of the first steps is to tighten the covering. It is self adhesive and stuck to the wood. It is, by no means taught and will quickly sag when it gets its first exposure to the sun.

    I can't vouch for the covering other Nexa birds other than my wife's Ju-52 and the F-82. The covering will shrink up and adhere to the wood better with the use of a covering iron and some patience.

    Testing shows that a temp of 175 - 185 deg F seems to work well. Its best to have a sock on the iron to protect the covering.

    Work the iron over the airframe slowly. In open areas, you'll see the covering sag more before it starts to shrink up. It areas that can't vent the hot air, like the lightening holes it the control surfaces. It's best to make a small puncture where the pocket is, with a hobby knife on the underside. That lets the hot air out so the covering can shrink.

    It would be nice if the builders at the Nexa factory could do a littler job of prepping the airframe for covering. Some areas look like they were sanded with a bench grinder. lots of rough grain, filler and sanding debris trapped under the covering. I know that these are "budget" airframes, but a little extra prep could go a long way toward a better looking product.


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      Got the invasion stripes on bottom of the wings and the tips painted. The wing servos are mounted and wired.

      The wing sections are together on the wing tube. I wasn't a fan of the screws supplied to fasten the wings on the tube. I went with slightly larger diameter screws. I discovered that the factory had installed small copper sleeves for the screws to pass through in the wing. As they were a smaller diameter, I removed those and installed CF tubing guides/supports.

      The instructions call for only two screws, one in each outer panel. There is also a place to install a screw in the center panel. I drilled and installed a screw there as well. Better support for side loads.

      The retracts seem to work good and are pretty beefy. I will polish the inner struts up a bit. I'm also installing Robart diamond tread wheels.

      The graphics have been ordered from Callie and should be in next week. I ordered two sets of the P-51 nomenclature, larger tail numbers, and the nose art. I found this version of Double Trouble thought it would look great. It was on a B-24. I did mod it a bit by removing the dark blue circle and cloud. So, it's just the two ladies and the verbiage.

      Click image for larger version

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