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Official Nexa 2020mm F8F Bearcat (Balsa ARF) Discussion Thread

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  • Ok so I’m working on the new landing gear doors when I noticed that the gear had a slight toe outward. If anything I would prefer a slight toe inward.
    So I removed the strut to find that the flat area on the strut pin was re ground down not perpendicular to the frame of the retract. Looking at it closer must have been a poor off the cuff fix to adapt the pin to the strut. Only one side of the pin was reworked not both. So out came the dremmel tool to fix that.
    I realize ARFs like these need a little tweaking boy I would much rather I do it myself from the start correctly rather than have to redo substandard workmanship and pay more for it

    rant over


    • Originally posted by Thinset View Post
      Was thinking about doing a revised build on this thread if you guys are interested. If not I won’t waste your time or mine.
      Im planning on milking this thing out all winter long to go through everything.
      Just did some basic shock test for the canopy and everything came loose. No joke..... pilot, chair and seat frame no glue or very little. 2 screws in the back of pilot to hold on place.
      That said i have to go through this entire airframe because I’m not satisfied that it’s safe to fly.
      My thought was to strip off all the covering and reglue all joints. Then recover with SIG Koverall and paint or cover with film that easy to fix. Koverall not so much.
      Just remembering paying that much for a Jet Teng composite viper jet frame that was top notch only 4 yrs ago.
      Oh yea got the Ums5-55 and it looks like a work of art.
      But in reality it’s only an expensive paper weight till I can test it out an give an honest opinion on its performance.

      I'm really curious what you think of that UMS5-55. Can't wait to get your report after getting it running.


      • Originally posted by 406PIlot View Post

        I'm really curious what you think of that UMS5-55. Can't wait to get your report after getting it running.
        I’m sure it will run fine and sound awesome.
        What the performance will be attached to a 20 # plane is another story. More than likely won’t know until spring.


        • The gear doors are really challenging to fabricate
          The main gear door came out well and strong using 3/32 balsa wood and then glassed.
          however the inner gear doors require ALOT more attention.
          Getting the wing curve and factoring in wing dihedral to make things geometrically correct is difficult but doable.
          Plan on at least 30 hrs per wing from start to finish including paint.
          Will post more pics as the build progresses
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