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Help & ideas to repair retracts for my AT-6?

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  • Help & ideas to repair retracts for my AT-6?

    While landing my AT-6 in tallish grass the wheels caught and it cartwheeled. My bad! and the gear "bent" slightly to the left which prevents them from retracting. Temporarily I purchased a set of the fixed gear for flying but I'd like to repair these versus purchase a complete replacement.
    Looking at the spare parts available I'm not sure what needs to be replaced.

    My guess it would be the wire gear set with wheels attached for $9.49 on this site.
    But can anyone with such knowledge please advise if I'm on the right track and/or what I need to do to properly repair these?

    Thanks all from a relative newbie. :)
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    Re: Help & ideas to repair retracts for my AT-6?

    First question - did you try bending the retract back into correct shape? I only ask because sometimes that does the trick.

    If you only bent the strut you will need these two items:

    These should fit into the electronic retract. You will need smaller size allen wrenches to remove the existing strut.

    If you need additional assistance, please contact our support team here :