2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Silver

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Official Nexa 1535mm F6F Hellcat - ARF Thread

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    I'm measuring approximately 135mm diameter best case scenario (with prop nut as center point) So I think there wouldn't be much left of the cowling by the time you wrestled it around this motor.

    A couple folks including myself are trying out the the retracts from the flightline f4u. They are much more solid feeling and look a lot better than the ones that come with it.
    The controller housing is still plastic, but everything else inside is metal and the strut is solid aluminum with little to no slop.

    Its pretty easy to fit it, but it's not a drop-in replacement.
    1. The wheel that comes on it is too big for the well, so take your pick of other wheels that fit.
    2. The Strut is about 6-8mm too long to land in the center of the well. I cut the spring a bit and fit a small 8mm piece of lite ply into the suspension system
    3. The 2 aft screw holes end up in a place where there isn't much wood to screw into. I made some 1/8" plates out of lite ply for a more secure attachment and allow use of the original "aft-holes" (hehe)

    I haven't maidened mine yet, but Daan has a few flights on his with the flightline retracts and he's good so far.
    I'm told the 25-46 e-flites are an easy way to go also, but I'm a horizon hater and the flightlines are half the price.



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      So 135mm from firewall to prop? What is the inside diameter of the cowl? I think I am going to go with the FG-14C with a modified exhaust, but I haven't made a hard choice yet. I appreciate the response.


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        Anything around 15cc or smaller should fit fine. Anything bigger will give fitment issues for sure.


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          I ordered a Saito FG14C. I think it will do very well.


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            Finally got mine off the ground yesterday!
            The maiden was smooth, but the week before while testing ground handling I broke one of the braces for the landing gear (pics included).
            Click image for larger version

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            This time I just lined her up and mashed throttle. No more ground testing for this one.
            She was in the air within 20-30 feet. that surprised me considering the AUW of almost 10lbs
            Also the landing was surprisingly easy, except towards the end of the roll out it becomes difficult to keep it from going catawampus.

            The flight line retracts are holding up very well so far (3 landings).

            My power setup is:
            Rimfire 1.20 + MAS 14x9 3 blade prop + Admiral 6S 5000mah + Spektrum Avian 80 ESC
            This combo resulted in perfect CG without adding any tail or nose weight.

            One thing I would like to do differently is replace all 6 of the main wing servos with NXT80s. There is just no reason to be using standard size servos on the ailerons on this bird, and the recommended hitec gear works out to be the same price as the NXT80s.

            Some video of maiden: ​​


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              Well I have about 25 flights on her now with the Flightline retracts holding up very well. In my previous post I showed the landing gear brace having broken off on the left wing. After gluing it back in with epoxy, The same exact thing happened to the left wing. So if you haven't already, probably good preventative measure to add some glue to those braces.


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                Did a makeover on one of my Bearcats. This is the color scheme for the national air races for 1964. I will be racing this model in our war bird races in the bronze class. Got the stronger motor and two bladed prop. Fly's great. Smirnoff Bearcat.docx


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                  Click image for larger version

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