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Flightline Spitfire decals

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  • Flightline Spitfire decals

    It's been a long time since I modelled as a kid and boy has it ever moved on. We used to soak our decals in warm water to remove the backing and apply as required. Tried this on the Spit and whilst some small almost transparent ones went ok the larger ones don't budge at all. I managed to peel back a small section of a roundel and it looks like a paper backing. Do I apply some sort of adhesive to it and stick it down? Bloody chinese...............!

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    First there are two flight line spitfires, the 1200 and 1600. The 1600 has three different types of decals. Water slide, peel and stick and transfer.


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      Thanks for the response. I have the 1600 Spit and I get the waterslide and peel/stick decals, but how do I tackle the "transfer" type?


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        You peel off the backing and the transfers stay with a clear overlay. Place them on the plane and rub them really well then peel of the overlay.


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          Originally posted by jonno View Post
          Bloody chinese...............!
          You should be grateful that the Chinese have produced a very nice Spitfire airframe with a very nice motor and speed controller, and most likely they produced the radio you installed that way outperforms anything you had "back in the day", and all at a price point you can apparently afford.