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FMS 1700mm Warbirds - What's the scoop?

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    I bought the 1700mm P47 and have been quite happy with it. It is not "cartoon-fast" as some folks have the right to prefer, but mine can pull off any "scale" maneuver I ask of it, and does it well. It looks good doing it too...bone stock out of the box.The retracts seem to be the Achilles heel for FMS and occasionally a servo will poop out early, but that is the nature of miniature electronics that are mass produced in "Red" China. Electric retracts just give-trouble...expect it...sooner or later. One thing I despise about FMS is their wimpy little clevises for the actuator rods...they are clear like a piece of glass and almost as fragile! The little locking ball will snap off in a heartbeat. In my big P47, I did have to add some weight to the nose bowl behind the dummy radial engine to get my CG just a little forward, which makes warbirds just a tad more stable IMHO.
    I also have the 1450 FMS P51 and hate it! In the end, I with my own personal experience, with many, many flights on my big is one of my favorites, of the 14 PNP foamies that I own, fly & maintain. They were ALL bought from Motion RC and I will not shop anywhere else.