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RocHobby Swift flyers ?

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  • RocHobby Swift flyers ?

    how are you guys launching your Swifts ? i haven't had any luck getting mine in the air. i fly alot of edf's by hand i know that part.

    my Swift, no matter how many different ways i try to launch just torques left straight into the ground

    using a 2200 3s, the cg is good according to the manual

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    Re: RocHobby Swift flyers ?

    I have a high speed version of the Swift and launch it at about 2/3 throttle and throw it at about a 30 degree up angle (off the horizon). It moves away quick and pretty level. With the larger delta wing it shouldn't torque roll like you have experienced. Here are the things I would check:
    1. Double check your CG
    2. try a smaller battery like a 1800mah
    3. ease up on the throttle
    4. check your side to side balance to ensure your electronics are centered in the compartment.
    5. make sure your elevons are centered and working properly.

    The CG is the Swift is finicky and where you put the receiver and ESC can affect the balance quite a bit.

    Those are the main items I can think of at the moment. Other Swift owners please chime in.



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      Re: RocHobby Swift flyers ?

      thank you...will check everything again !


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        Re: RocHobby Swift flyers ?

        this thing has a 50a esc...i put a watt meter on it.. it's only pulling 31a on a new 2200mah 3s 40c batt

        does this sound right ? i have the high speed version