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6S LIPO Choices for Avanti EDF

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  • 6S LIPO Choices for Avanti EDF

    I just flew my new to me Avanti S EDF jet (Yellow). Picked it up used thinking that it was to late this year to get a new receiver in it and get it ready. It came together pretty quick and we had a break in the weather (46 degrees) so I took it up. It is my first EDF and it was a whole lot of fun except for the fact that it seemed like I just got up and it was time to come down on both flights that I had. I have two Turnigy 6S 5000 mHh 50C batteries that after a 3-1/2 minute flight on the first flight had 22.9 volts left and on the second flight had 22.7 volts after 4 minutes. I did not use flaps and left the gear down for the maiden flight so I am sure that had some effect. I am pretty new to electric flying so I have limited knowledge concerning the LIPO batteries. I see that there is a 6S battery out there at Hobby King called the Zippy Compact that has a higher 6200 mAh rating, 50C and is approximately the same size and weight as the Turnigy. There is another one on EBay by Zeee that is 6000mAh, 50C. Does anyone have a sucessful history with either of these brands or any suggestions on what is working for you. What kind of flight times are others getting?.......Thanks, Mike

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    edf's are power hungry, flight times will be short no matter what. For the fantastic power try the graphine 75c (green) at HK, the 5000 has tons of punch. Fly,Land, charge, repeat :o)
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      Three to four minutes is normal for the Avanti, depending on throttle management. Some of the jets such as the F-4 and new F-18 get even shorter run times. Don't get below 3.8 per cell after landing. I use the Roaring Top 5500mah 45C on all my EDF stuff, still going strong after 2 years.
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        I also use roaring top 4500's seem to work better for my edf's then my old admirals
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