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352nd Fighter Group

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  • 352nd Fighter Group

    I was honored to be invited to the 352nd FG reunion in Huntsville, AL this weekend.

    It's pretty hard to beat seeing 10+ Bluenose Mustangs on a flight line, all but one FMS, and all wearing different nose art. The one Airwing P-51 had FMS internals.

    Then we got to fly our planes for members of the 352nd and their families. Flying a model RC plane for the guys that flew and maintained the real planes really makes you step up your game a bit.

    It always amazes me when I get to talk to those who lived what to many, unfortunately, is just a lesson in a history book. They are extremely humble, quick to remember those who didn't come home and grateful when they are recognized.

    The high point for me was meeting Capt. Bob "Punchy" Powell, pilot of the West By Gawd Virginian, the plane my P-51B is a model of. He was very complementary of my model of his plane and was kind enough to autograph the right wing.

    I really enjoyed being part of the reunion, it was indeed an honor. And a shout out to members of the Rocket City RC Club, they have a very nice facility and made us and the visiting members of the 352nd FG feel right at home.
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    Re: 352nd Fighter Group


    After looking at your photos and your event description, there are simply no words that could accurately describe the joy I received from your post.

    Thank you for sharing..... You're a lucky guy....

    Clear Skies

    Bill L.
    in Okla.


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      Re: 352nd Fighter Group

      wow great line up and pictures truly awesome. Then to have a legend autograph your plane spectacular my hat is off to you kind sir. Thanks for sharing!!


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        Re: 352nd Fighter Group

        What a awesome line up. I'm sure the meeting was as thrilling and as the photos. Gota love the mustangs!!!
        Tootall505 (Chris).