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Warbirds WACO

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  • Warbirds WACO

    Hey Pilots,
    Finally got it done but the weather here in upstate NY is not cooperating. This was my b-day gift which was at the end of Sept. Waited patiently for 6 wks until they arrived at MRC in mid Nov. Had a defective motor and was missing some 2mm nuts but this was resolved by MRC in their most excellent manner. While I waited for the hardware, decided that my first civilian plane just could not*look like everyone else's so I got to work on hand painting the scallop trim on all*the leading edges. Also put my personalized crew on board(my last name is Brown so it just had to be!!). Probably gonna have to get some snow skis for this if I can't wait till spring to maiden it.

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    Warbird Charlie
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    RE: Warbirds WACO

    Greetings OV10,


    Buddy, that is one tastefully done Waco.

    If it was bigger i'd say it is worthy on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day*parade as a float!!!!*

    The "Crew" are perfect and a definate plus (and appropriate at the very least).

    Really well done, man!!

    Can't wait to hear how it flies.........

    Bill L.
    in Okla.


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      RE: Warbirds WACO

      Nice job!!!*
      But Crashing is Landing


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        RE: Warbirds WACO

        WOW, Excellent job. Fantastic paint and trim. Now thats a creative mind for sure. You are really going to love the way it flies and looks in the air. Mine ended up in a WWII paint scheme to help hide a tool box getting dropped on it, and when a wheel locked up on touch down making it flip end over end about 5 times. Both were my falt I'm sorry to say. But she still flies like new and still looks great. Happy Landings
        Pacific NW Flyer *


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          RE: Warbirds WACO

          THATS a sweet looking' bird!
          And to think Bill's got two somewhere out there............
          I hear she flyies very well as well, can't wait ti hear!

          Team Gross!