Freewing F-105 64mm EDF Jet - PNP

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Freewing F-16C Customizations

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  • Freewing F-16C Customizations

    The recently released vertical stabilizers for the Freewing 90mm F-16C have proved to be very popular. I suspect the blue "Anniversary" stab and the red "Arkansas" stab increase visibility, and also help to distinguish your F-16 from your buddy's while you're flying together. Does anyone have pictures of theirs installed?

    What other F-16 customizations do any of you have planned? I have two friends who plan on modeling the F-16XL, and the Israeli F-16i Sufa. The Sufa shouldn't be too difficult, mostly pink foam shaped to replicate the conformal tanks. The XL will require entirely new wings, and is likely a long term project.

    For those wanting something different from the common three tone Gray or bright Thunderbird schemes, with the right airbrush, a mask isn't needed to achieve most camo paintjobs. Just keep your hands really steady and plan out your pathway with a very light pencil on the lightest color, then shoot over it with the darker color. Exhibit A, a Freewing F-16C repainted as an IAF aircraft.
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