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Underwater camera and the Mighty Mo.

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  • Underwater camera and the Mighty Mo.

    I went to a float event to test out my underwater camera. Got some great video and many great stills too!

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    You need one of these:


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      YES! Yes I do!


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        I think that one in the video might be a bit on the pricey side. Many years ago, I was in Port Angeles in "Pacific Rim Hobbies" and they had an RC model called "The Yellow Submarine". It was about the size of the one shown in the video but the price was a couple hundred. I don't know if such a thing still exists but I was going to buy one. Unfortunately, I'm in the prairies and there's nothing underwater in our lakes and rivers that I want to see, except for the occasional dead body. I think doing FPV with a model sub would be quite interesting IF there's something to see under there. In your case, it would be really fun to follow those boats just under the surface.