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FW F22 standard version. my first ever experience with rc.

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  • FW F22 standard version. my first ever experience with rc.

    Ok for everyone that says you cant start flying rc planes on an edf jet, that's just what I did. I bought the freewing f22 standard edition plane for my first rc plane. I tried to fly it but couldn't get it to leave the ground so I upgraded the motor and turbine with a detrum setup and a 40 amp speed control. then I lowered the rear wheels to give it a little lift while taking off. It launched perfectly without my even adding elevator.Check out the video. my wife was filming birds when I launched from behind her, it starts about mid ways in the video if you want to skip to that point. BTW I lost control of the craft and it flew off into the woods, I found it about a half mile away after hiking for an hour or so, it landed on its own, no dmg at all. Here is the link. BTW Motionrc is awesome, ive already bought 2 more planes and cant wait to fly them.