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Durafly Spitfire repaint

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  • Durafly Spitfire repaint

    I converted my Durafly Mk1a Spitfire to a MkVb, and repainted it as EP122, which was based on Malta and shots down numerous airfrace before landing on a cliff edge and being puched into the mediterranean. It is now based at Biggin Hill, having been restored and flew again last year. This was only my 2nd repaint and first with an airbrush... turns out its much harder to paint a 1100mm model than a little plastic one! i was a real struggle to get even paint coverage across the whole aircraft. The windscreen is from the old Parkzone MKIX and was transplanted onto the front of the Durafly canopy. The decals were from Callie Graphics and they are excellent although slightly too large.
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    Currently Fly: Durafly Spitfire MkVb, Eflite P47 1100mm, Parkzone FW190A-8, Parkzone SE5a, Dynam Tiger Moth, Eleven Hobby Bearcat, Parkzone Mosquito MKVI, Durafly Tundra
    Unflyable: Durafly Sea Vixen, Parkzone T28 (In temporary storage in tree)
    Retired: Hobbyzone Delta Ray 'Frankenplane'
    Wanted: Freewing A4

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    Nice job. Looks great!