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FMS 800mm Skyraider

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  • FMS 800mm Skyraider


    I just tried to maiden my FMS Skyraider this morning and was not very successful. The plane took off of the grass OK, but was pretty much uncontrollable in the air. I checked the CG at 65mm as the manual states, and it was a little nose heavy even after adding 0.25oz weight in the tail. I didn't expect the plane to react as it did though. Basically, I tried to get altitude to try trimming it out, but could never get it to fly level, and finally it just spun into the ground. I have repaired the damage, added another 0.25oz lead weight to the tail and the CG is right on now, also moved the linkages to the outermost (least responsive) holes on the ailerons and elevators. I had initially put them in the middle holes for better response, but maybe it was too much. I am not a beginner, I also flew my Dynam 900mm Spitfire today, my Parkzone Stinson Reliant, and the Parkzone Archer, all without any issues, and all were on my Spektrum DX8. I had the Skyraider set at 30% expo on all the throws, and 85% on the dual rate low range which is where I was flying it.

    Has anyone else had experience with this plane? Is the CG correct as shown at 65mm from the leading edge? I love the looks of this plane, but so far it is best as a display plane. Any suggestions are welcomed!


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    Re: FMS 800mm Skyraider-Take 2 Still won't fly!

    after fixing the damage from the first flight, rechecking all control throws, remounting electronics away from the engine, adding additional tail weight to balance the plane at 65mm, I tried to fly this one again this afternoon. This time, I didn't even get it off the ground much before it banked left and hit the ground breaking another brand new prop. I flew several other planes before this one to "warm up" and had not a single issue. I flew my F6F Hellcat, the PZ Archer and Stinson, as well as a Flyzone Corvalis. All flew beautifully with no issues. Thinking I was ready, I got the Skyraider ready, applied throttle with slight right rudder, it cleared the ground, and immediately banked left and crashed, even with right aileron applied. I am getting pretty frustrated with this one, and worse, I have 2 other 800mm FMS planes that are still in the box-a P-40, and the Zero. I haven't built them, and am hoping this problem is confined to the Skyraider, but I have really lost confidence and faith in FMS now. Gorgeous planes, I still love the way the Skraider looks. It should fly well. Plenty of wing, good aileron controls, nothing really different from the other planes in that size range that I fly, but this one absolutely refuses to fly for me. I will fix it one more time, add yet another 5 dollar prop, and try hand launching it next time. If it crashes again, I will probably strip out the components and trash it.

    If anyone has successfully one of these, please let me know what you did!! I want to make this work.




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      Re: FMS 800mm Skyraider-Take 2 Still won't fly!

      Update-I had a professional RC pilot try this one out yesterday during a monthly meeting of RC enthusiasts. Set up per the manual, low rate throws, CG balanced correctly and the stock 4 blade propeller. As he took off, the plane again banked left and even with full right aileron, the only way he stopped it from crashing was to reduce throttle. The plane did right itself. He landed and we tried it again. Each time the throttle was advanced more than half, the torque from the 4 blade prop would cause the plane to roll left. He suggested taking off the 4 blade prop and trying a 2 blade prop, and possibly adding some weight under the right wingtip to compensate for the torque. I will be trying this set up next weekend, hope it corrects the problem!!