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1400mm V3 Corsair

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  • 1400mm V3 Corsair

    Anyone know what the color number for the Navy Blue on this airplane is ?
    AMA 521691

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    Re: 1400mm V3 Corsair

    Don't know the numbers but believe the de facto color used on Corsys is 'Insignia Blue'. Can almost guarantee though, that matchability from one mfr to the next is a crap shoot. That said, Top Flight offers spray paints that supposedly match their MonoKote coverings' colors - (since MRC apparently doesn't carry it) see their 'LustreKote' offerings, eg.

    For the cost & hassle, another route you might try is, carry a sample (a wing or such) in to a local Lowes or Home Depot paint dept.; they can scan & provide a half-pint sample of water-based latex that'll be pretty close if not perfect, for about $6.
    Good luck with your project!