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Official Discussion Thread: Bancroft 1/150 scale RMS Titanic Liner - Ready-To-Run (RTR)

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    Me and Mrs Boozer had a chance to go to the titanic museum in Branson Missouri truly amazing how they built the front half of the ship there. Really puts the size of the ship in prospective. Thay have an absolutely stunning model in the museum


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      This ship is EPIC!


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        I can't imagine how spectacular this version of the Titanic will look with interior lighting and smoke units for the four stacks.
        Another classic liner that may have relatively broad appeal is the S.S. United States. See attached pic. Click image for larger version

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          I'm checking up again on the progress of this awesome model. I see a lot more great pictures of the model have been uploaded, and the product page is now up on MotionRC! 😃
          I've selected the 'Notify Me When in Stock' option... super excited now!

          PS- I'm curious if there will be an almost ready to run version as well, I don't really need another transmitter, receiver, or even a battery.


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            I’m assuming this is the rebirth of the Graupner Titanic?? (thank god) ... is there any noticeable difference between them? Does this mean the Queen Mary 2 is also coming? I’ll buy if so))