FlightLineRC P-38L LIghtning Pacific Silver

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Sail Tuning

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  • Sail Tuning

    I know its not from Motion, or specific to the new RG65, but good info about Tuning the Sail Rigs. The attached is for tuning the Sails on a DragonForce 65. Same size craft as the Bancroft RG65 Quickfire.

    Lighter the wind, larger the sails

    Rounding Up = Wind/Sail is overpowering the authority of the Rudder to control the boat

    Round-ups may be a sign that the wind conditions are too strong for the boat. The best way to reduce rounding up in a Rig, is to reduce sail by reefing, lowering or furling, or in Radio Control Sailboats, changing to a smaller Sail Set.
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    This is great information. I am going to pint the sports sail white one to more of a racing scheme and go back out with it.