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First Impressision - Quickfire RG65

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  • First Impressision - Quickfire RG65

    Just received my Bancroft RG65 from Motion RC

    It has been a while since I owned a RG65. My first boat was a Blue Splash in 2009. Back before RTR RG65's were commonplace.

    First Impression is the finish and integrity of the Hull is really nice. No deflection notated thru the deck and hull.

    The keel and keel bulb are also well done. Rudder assembly appears very close to on plane with the keel. Maybe just a bit off plane by a few degrees.

    Great to see the Sails were shipped flat. Not rolled up in a tube which often leads to creases and wrinkles.

    Assembly and rigging will be fast for most experienced skippers. Value = overall i would score this offering an A

    A few items of note

    Big Miss - instruction pamphlet really is of no value if this product is targeted for first time sailboat owner. A few parts graphics and assembly graphics is a must.

    There are some areas for improvement:

    My delivered package had some Quality Control misses and items I believe will improve the customer satisfaction, usability, and performance.

    1 - The forestay line was not free within the luff of the jib. In fact, it appears when the luff overlap was completed during manufacturing, the forestay line became fuzzed in place. The forestay line or wire needs to be free of the jib material. You should be able to slide the jib up/down over the forestay, as it is used to tune the shape and drive of the sail. Mine was fuzzed in place with lack of tension on the leading edge, so some folding of the luff could happen when under way.

    2 - One of the mast ring location patches was missing on my main sail

    3 - Tolerance on the Boom Vang hinging pin is a little to much. There is about 3/16 deflection at the due to the hinge bolt bore being too big. looks like 3/16" deflection is at the outhaul end of the main. This will likely need to be compensated for with tuning of the main. Especially for those Downwind legs, and wing on wing runs.

    4 - Power Switch - there is no external ability to switch on the boat. The hatch tape will need to be removed each time to turn on and turn off.

    5 - I recommend new boats be shipped without the hatch and rudder access tape applied. It has to be removed when assembling the boat, so why waste a tack when the new owner will have to remove it anyway. Wouldn't hurt to include a spare hatch tape patch in the box.

    6 - Display stand. Even though it is a basic hardwood stand, it would be nice to have some padding on the hull shape edge to prevent scuff/scaring the paint on the boat.

    7 - The receiver was not mounted anywhere. just loose on the bottom of the hull. Ideally it needs to be firmly fixed to the servo tray, or mounted on the bottom side of the deck. Loose on the bottom will likely end up getting it wet as there is always some opportunity for water to find its way inside the hull.

    Overall fit an finish are good for this offering. Out of the gate, It is on par with the other offerings I have seen in this class.

    Now time to finish up the rigging, transmitter setup, and see how she performs on the water.
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    Forestay example. Should move freely within the Jib pocket. Line is fused in place
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      example of Boom hinge bore toleration causing deflection variation
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        Mast eyelet patch missing on Main sail

        Since sails do not have stainless eyelets, the patch helps reinforce the sail and decrease the chance the retain rings will tear thru the material
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          Hatch and Rudder Service hatches. They come already installed, but you have to untack them to setup the boat. Please have to remove the main hatch to turn the boat on/off each adventure. The clear part is plastic film. The black portion is an adhesive patch

          A good upgrade would be a magnetic switch since there is no self bailing cockpit on this design.

          FYI - Clear Hockey Stick Tape makes a great use for hatch sealing on boats. Please you get a lot more of it on a roll for the money.
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            all to setup the electronics and finish the rigging

            I recommend you cut a piece of PVC pipe insulation to wrap over the keel bulb. The Keel bulb is heavy and one end is sharp. I would also support the keel bulb to take weight/pressure of the deck/hull when not in use (or remove the keel).
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              She carries a tall main verses my "OLD" DragonForce 65
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                Originally posted by Jdcrow View Post
                She carries a tall main verses my "OLD" DragonForce 65
                Awesome update Jdcrow - I have filmed our unboxing and assembly to help everyone get set up. We will be getting a better manual coming asap as well. But I had a lot of fun sailing this and the sportsail for the first time the other day. Their presence is really nice.


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                  We were able to get a couple of the Quickfires on the water last weekend.

                  Winds were really pushing the limits of the tall sail package. 15-20mph and gusty.

                  Boats performed well. We did really have to luff the sails to limit the power they could generate in such wind conditions. Very minimal water intrusion. Likely due to wicking from the Boom Sheet guide as the sails get worked in/out

                  I think the standard rigging is ideal for casual sailing or cruising. I would prefer a more race inspired tuning setup like other boats in the RG65 class. Would be really helpful for tuning the Jib and Main Booms.

                  Video Link to boat on the water

                  Other boats we sailed
                  DragonForce 65 (older version)

                  DragonFlite 95

                  DragonForce 65 (older version)

                  Bancroft RG65 Quickfire
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